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    Pretty much all musical forms - everything from celtic folk to Eminem, Amateur radio (MW0CBC/GW8OQV) Mountain Biking, Steam Traction Engines (I build scale models up to half actual size), Bird Watching, SCUBA Diving (BSAC Open Water Instructor (OWI 069)
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  1. Hi, I have a double action English bass built with concertina reeds by Marcus Music about 5 years ago. My playing interest has changed and I haven't used it for a while so thiking about moving it on. I want what I paid for it which was £1,500. If anyone is interested please respond to djackson@gwentwildlife.org and I can send pictures etc. I am located close to Chepstow in the UK if anyone wants to try it out alternatively, I shall be going to the Bromyard Festival in a couple of weeks and would be happy to take it along there if anyone wants to try it. Thanks Denis Jackson.
  2. Stagi Hayden Duet, approx. 12 months old and in as-new condition complete with hard case. This instrument is my wife's (I play the English) who as a new player decided to try the Hayden but has now discovered she prefers the Crane system and having spent a considerable amount of cash with Mr. Algar at Witney, the Hayden has got to go. Hobgoblin here are currently listing this instrument at £599 without a case so she's asking £499 incuding the case. Will mail anywhere are cost or could well meet up if in the Southern UK. Thanks Denis Jackson, Chepstow UK
  3. When my 1915 Wheastone Aola is played in a damp atmosphere (like when we stayed in an old signalling tower on the Isles of Scilly last year) I have one note - F# which sounds on both it's fundamental frequency and an octave below at the same time! Cheers Denis
  4. A chap walks into Mr. Wheatstone's shop one evening, goes up to the counter and says: "I think I'm a moth, can you help me" Mr. Wheatstone replies: "I make concertinas - you need a psychiatrist - what the hell made you come in here anyway" To which the chap replies... "Well, the light was on...."
  5. I'm going! Should be at the session on Friday night. Regards Denis
  6. I bought mine from Ebay yesterday - no problems. Cheers Denis
  7. I try and do too much - considering a high-pressure job as well.... Hill-walking Mountain Biking Scuba diving (wife and I are both open water instructors) Amateur Radio (MW0CBC/GW8OQV) Bird watching Model steam engine building........project is currently in it's third year spicy food real ale How to make it all happen....sleep little , don't have kids, good time management! Regards Denis PS I've got a business trip to Kanata, Ontario on Sunday for a few days - anyone around that locale fancy a pint?
  8. I was at a session at last year's Cheltenham Folk Festival and someone with a piano accordian did a version of that song that goes "little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-takcy......" only this version waxed of "little boxes made of ticky-tacky and they all sound JUST THE SAME!" The whole song was very funny - maybe it's well known to you folks on here but I'd not heard it before or since. Cheers Denis
  9. I'm really looking forward to being able to make my instrument sound like something else - but then maybe I'm the ony one here who tries to play Led Zep and Dire Straits on the English (as well as the more traditional stuff! Denis
  10. I was at the Cheltenham FolkFestival yesterday and heard a tune called something like "what a beau was my grandma" I've scoured all the net resources I know and can't find it - does anyone here have the music in any format? Ta Denis
  11. Hi Jim, Sound(sic) advice! I think I was hoping that someone might pop up with a knackered Chinese version - what might be better described as "cheap cheap" Regards Denis
  12. Having read the threads on Midi concertinas I've decided to try build one. I'm looking for a very cheap English.......all I think I really need is something reasonably airtight or that could be made so with not too much effort. Reeds not required Any suggestions, advice or guidance not otherwise posted would be appreciated. Thanks Denis Jackson, Chepstow UK
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