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  1. From reading the comments on that thread, the third version of the tune is a transcription of Mairead ni Mhaonaigh playing it in the enclosed video. The key is wrong in the ABC, but apart from that the transcription is ok. Fearfeasog: I went to a teacher (whose qualifications are sterling), told her that I was struggling with the key of A major, and was given a version of Joe Cassidy's similar to this one: http://thesession.org/tunes/7938 That took a lot of time to get right, but my high G# was much steadier in all other tunes after that. Today they are flowing nicely (I play Jeffries layout and would use a pull A on the G-row with the G# (middle finger / ring finger)). I find deciding which A to use with my LHS G# more of a challenge. So my tip (as other contributors)is to give the hard parts a lot of mileage. If you can learn to alternate between pull A and push A with the G# on the RHS, well, you can do both, and will have more room to roam. Good luck!
  2. Thank Gods I didn't see this until now....
  3. Oops, I didn't see this one until now. Not much concertina-playing in Oslo apart from myself. I was in Reykjavik last year and did not bother bringing a concertina as I found absolutely no one online prior to departure. Enjoy the trip!
  4. I agree with Peter. I play it in G usually, but have it in A in case I need it.
  5. After playing (fumbling really) on a couple of cheapies (Hohner, Fontalini(?) and Stagi) I took the leap onto a Morse Ceili 4 or 5 years ago. I played it an awful lot, as I was working after the 1000-hours principle. I bought a lovely Jeffries 38 from Chris Algar 2 1/2 years ago, and at last my Suttner 38 was collected in February. The Jeffries is temporarily going away for a full restoration (hopefully this year) so I think I am all good for the decades to come
  6. This rings true enough if you ever saw one of the concertinas they used. Frank, the archivist at Teach Ceol in Ennis (out on the Gort Road)showed me one that had survived, and I'd say it wouldn't last more than a night in a loud environment:-)
  7. Richard Burgess plays some concertina in this clip with FatDog. Great band!
  8. I lent/sold my Ceili to a friend just outside of Oslo. I am sure that would be available for a try out if we know you are coming.
  9. "The Jug of Punch" goes beautifully before Eddie Kelly's (http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/2815)which also lets you dip into the dark side.
  10. Hi, as a reschooled fiddle player, I would tend to want to play all the tunes I know (on the fiddle), regardless of register. I was hedgy about until my first concertina lesson (in Clare) where the second tune taught was "The Green Fields of Glentown". Tunes like Jackson's (La Cosa Mulligan), Maudabawn Chapel, The Silver Spire, McGlinchey's HP (Across the fence), The Cedars of Lebanon and Master Seamus where soon enough put on the repertoire. My approach is simply to practice the "new" (or "illogical") patterns on the LS ad nauseum. The first bar of the second part of the Silver Spire is a great excercise in "bass dexterity". Doug: Thanks for relaying Mr. Vallely's tip about easing pressure.
  11. Been playing the fiddle for 18-years with varying intensity. Will also reach for a tenor banjo, guitar, bouzouki or whistle when among friends.
  12. Site updated and looks liker the three aforementioned players will also give the workshops:-) I can't wait......
  13. Just to remind you all about this year's festival in Corofin, Co.Clare. Though the tutors haven't been published yet, the concerts look good from a concertina point of view, with Cormac Begley and Jack Talty on Saturday afternoon, and Caitlin NicGabhan and Jack Talty on Saturday night. See you there? http://www.corofintradfest.com/Events.aspx
  14. Came across this: Anybody know who the player is? She plays lovely and crisp, and a good selection of tunes too.
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