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  1. Not got a pirate hat...but bought a new one yesterday especially for ECMW
  2. Ooops! That'll teach me to not look at this thread for a bit its drifted. Anyway....my issue is more when I play I have tune on the RH, chords/octaves on the LH....so when I see a tune that goes up to a high A or above I'm a bit stuck. I can't play it. I just can't swap mentally from playing all tune on RH to playing the melody only along the rows, because my brain instantly goes into melodeon mode and implodes as it expects to go up not across the buttons. I'm finding I am limited to playing songs (on my own and no I don't sing along) rather than tune coz of it. And so I get bored quickly. Maybe concertina just isn't for me.
  3. Sorry...I thought this thread was about something else. 'Skiving' means erm....pulling a sick-y or otherwise avoiding doing work round here. lol
  4. Cool. Glad you like it.
  5. Here is a tune I wrote the other night called 'Prittlewell Polka' X:20 T:Prittlewell Polka C:LDT L:1/8 M:2/4 K:G P:A "G" G3 A | B2 G2 | "C" ec ec |"G" d2 B2 | G3 A | B2 G2 | "D" A2 G2 | "G" G4 :| P:B "G" g2 d2 | g2 d2 | "C" ec ec | "G" B2 G2 |1 g2 d2 | g2 d2 | "D" e2 cB | A4 :|2 "D" c2 A2 | A2 F2 | A2 G2 | "G" G4 || Feel free to play and share the tune. Comments welcome.
  6. Roger....You're just jelous of the hat. Chris I'll have to pack my little book of mornington crescent.
  7. Amusing mental image now of you perched on the edge of a pool table...as long as no one wants to play a game of pool.
  8. Did the music you wanted to play make you play a certain way, or did the style you chose affect what tunes/songs you play?
  9. I was going to record a bit of me playing fiddle on it but...it sounded like a cat in a drainpipe...more practice needed. I'm quite used to multi tracking....I'm the only person who'll be in a band with me.
  10. I've enabled the 'download' option http://www.onmvoice.com/play.php?a=52915 If anyone needs the mp3 and can't download it. Pm me.
  11. Thanks (2mins to spare) I'll do that tonight.
  12. I'll give it a go...apologies in advance if I am terrible. Where am I in the queue? How do I add to the latest recording if its just a link?
  13. Those that play RH melody LH octaves or chords...do you feel restricted with repertoire or do you easily swap to playing in row to fit tunes in? I get fed up of looking through tunebooks and no being able to play 90% all on the RH.
  14. I haven't done a poll for ages...so not sure how it all works. Just post your answer as a reply... I'd much prefer that...get some more detail.
  15. Basically I want to know if you play English Style or Irish Style (but don't want an argument starting over what constitutes each). I would also like to know what genre/tunes/songs you play on it. And how what you play affects how you play? There is a reason behind this....which I'll explain later.
  16. Maybe some kind of concertina ear trumpet is needed? I play Anglo concertina Geoff.
  17. (trying to see the positive) Did you make it clear this was a 'solo' piece? Maybe the other person felt sorry that no one was joining in and thought they'd give it a go to show support? Was it a regular or someone new to the format? I know its taken me a while to figure out when I should and shouldn't play.
  18. I find the fiddle is best coz it is right by your ear...so you don't have to play too loudly to hear yourself....
  19. So here's my dilemma I'm finding more and more I'm relying on melodeon or fiddle at sessions. As when I play concertina I can't hear myself so have no idea if I'm playing a note let alone a right one....and struggle to keep up speed-wise. The speed I could probably work on (and I'd be faster if I didn't always try to play keeping on the right hand - but I just find it hard to swap to paying it in row even with the dots in front of me). Any advice on hearing my playing in a session...and yes I try holding it up to my ear but that's uncomfortable and unsustainable. Is there anything 'style-wise' I can do with my playing to increase the volume? Or will my concertina be relegated to playing only at home?
  20. I did pm you this one Leo....not sure if it reached you in time.
  21. Indeed it is The Valiant, composed by Simon Ritchie who was probably the person organising the dance. Thank you. It was indeed Simon who was leading the playing. Somehow he seemed to be the one I wanted to watch. It all seemed so easy for him. I wish!! Maybe its a melodeon you want to play then? *ducks for cover*
  22. Luxury! We used to dream of having a camper van. You quoting the four yorkshiremen sketch?
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