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  1. Probably make sense to alter my Aeola layout to more standard. The left hand bottom row should be. D# D F F# , that will be more use to others who want to use it. Simon
  2. Here's a 64 button Aeola English TT. First attempt at this so I'm sure others can improve on the English layouts. Note the bottom left hand button on e left side which would be D#/Eb has been modified in the past to provide a low B/A. >>>>> >> E♭ D F F♯ >>>>> >> A♭ G B B♭ >>>>> >> C♯ C E E♭ >>>>> >> F♯ F A A♭ >>>>> >> B♭ B D E♭ >>>>> >> E♭ E G A♭ >>>>> >> A♭ A C C♯ >>>>> >> B D F F♯ = Right Hand >>>>> >> >> G >>>>> >> C♯ C E >>>>> >> F♯ F A A♭ >>>>> >> B♭ B D E♭ >>>>> >> E♭ E G A♭ >>>>> >> A♭ A C C♯ >>>>> >> E♭ D F F♯ >>>>> >> A♭ G B B♭ >>>>> >> C♯ C E E♭ Love this tool, it would be nice to be able to space the rows in stepped fashion in the way the English keyboard is. Also the nice Graphics for push and pull would look very nice if available as Left hand/ Right hand. Simon
  3. "eBay comes with lots of baggage." I've bought and sold ( mostly bought) over 200 items on eBay. Not a single problem. That's not to say people aren't scammed on ebay but it is not the wild west that so many people who don't use it seem to think it is. Amongst the items I've bought have been some high value items including a couple of concertinas. It makes sense to avoid people who want to circumvent the normal payment methods, people who want you to make separate paying arrangements. People with no feedback, or several negative feedbacks. It is about using your common sense. There are no total bargains on valuable items like concertinas on eBay. They almost always find their market value. If someone wants to sell you a Wheatstone Aeola for silly money as a buy-it-now on eBay, you will be a silly person to buy it without some very careful work. Simon
  4. Great fan of your app and using it with Thumbjam is great. The icing on the cake is the concertina patch. Great work Michael. We can now practice anywhere. The fingering of tunes played in these apps of Michaels builds the memory for playing on the real instrument. So it makes these apps a real boon for learning. Worth noting for those of you with midi concertinas, it is simple to hook up your concertina to the iPad and play these software apps like Thumbjam. There is even Animoog, a full featured Moog synthesiser. At least 50 apps have CoreMidi connectivity. Simon
  5. I found this notebook with a metalliised foil cover in a very nice design. This was in WH Smith. A great notebook for tunes to take along to sessions. Looks lovely next to the concertina. I put a coat of varnish on my notebook and it really brought out the lustre sorry the picture is so dark, I wanted to catch the shiny effect. If anyone is interested you can find them online Amazon or EBay. Search Paperblanks silver filigree Here's a page with their range: http://www.lovenotebooks.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=33_142 Just thought it was a nice gift item for a concertina lover. Simon
  6. What a lovely insight. This is probably a question for Geoff, but as he is making less instruments now, has he passed on some of his skills to any current makers, did he ever take apprentices? Sounds like you had a great visit.
  7. Sorry to jump in on this but for anyone with a midi concertina IOS devices, iPad, and iPhones are a dream interface to use. Either using the camera connection kit and midi to USB, or a specific interface which plugs straight into the iPad such as the iRig Midi. There are so many apps that will take midi feed, a bunch of synthesisers, music training apps etc. I have an S-wave midi concertina and being able to play it on the iPad has breathed new life into playing it. If anyone wants more info on implementing midi concertinas on iPhone and iPad, I'd be happy to start up a thread to explain more fully. Simon
  8. If they are selling without using Paypal as an option they are breaking Ebay's terms. I'd be very suspicious this is almost certainly a scam.
  9. People are just starting to realise that while churches are getting less and less use, the buildings contain these amazing instruments. The Cavaillé Coll organs are just amazing, and the monsters like the one in Ouen Abbey, Rouen are just awe inspiring. Hearing it play Saint Saens 3rd symphony is an epiphany even on YouTube from tinny speakers. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pny-Ily4SbE What all this has to do with concertinas, I don't know, but these organs are a particular passion for me so I welcome the chance to comment. Must get that DVD . Simon
  10. You can do it online easily. Saves downloading and installing programmes. Try: http://www.mediaconverter.org/ Simon
  11. I've had similar problems in the past. There are plenty of video converters available free for download on the web. Just Google video convertor. Simon
  12. Aye that's the one. I like that the credits say it was found as free sheet music on the web, address now lost... Proving elusive. I've got much of it by ear now but I'm not up to notating it. Simon
  13. No - its the one used as the background to this video It's by the Tannahill Weavers and appear as The Unicorn set along with Trip to Pakistan on their album Capernaum. It's proving tricky to find, for such a lovely tune. thanks for trying. Simon
  14. Just resurrecting a 9 year old thread, I've been searching everywhere for ABC or a score for this beautiful tune. All the usual sources drew a blank. ABC searches have drawn a blank. The Sessioneer website mentioned in this thread no longer exists. Any one got a copy or can point me to it? There are tunes out there called The Unicorn which are not the one. Simon Edit: sorry this came up in the general thread, should be moved to tunes thread.
  15. Here's some shots I took of mine during restoration. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23765997@N00/sets/72157600700875760/with/746651599/
  16. The anti fungal foot spray is not a powder spray, that would be asking for clogging up reeds. It is a fine mist that if you just lightly spray will sweeten things right away. As long as you lightly mist and allow to dry before further application it will do no damage. Really I think this is the magic bullet.
  17. Anti fungal foot spray has worked great for me in old flutina bellows that were full of moulds and rank smells. Remained sweet to this day about 6 years later.
  18. 1X Saturday independent newspaper and all segments. ? Well, not sure what possible purpose this list has in the concertina forum, but I guess the point is not to leave stuff in your car as you might get it stolen along with your concertinas and even your newspapers.
  19. Possibly not but it might be worth checking out tackle bags in sports/fishing suppliers, as these bags are all much alike and you will see their utility as instrument cases for general use.
  20. Got to recommend these bags, perfect for general use, well padded, room for music, recorder, tools in separate pockets. And at an unbeatable price.
  21. I don't know but perhaps in the days without electronic tuners they used reference reeds? I'm sure an expert can answer. From the wear it is clear they were used, my other guess is that they were used to get the intervals right between different reeds. Simon
  22. Tunebook is fine if you can get a big resource of ABC's imported into its storage area. I spent an hour importing collections into it ended up with several thousand tunes. From there I used it as a searchable database to draw tunes into my own smaller tunebooks. That way I could find the tunes I want and use the big database to find tunes. Tunebook needs a bit of skill managing and creating sets etc but it has some nifty aspects to it. On an iPad it is a great resource.. With Tunepal alongside it we have a resource for traditional music unthought of 10 years ago. By the way, for those geeky enough to have an interst in these things TEFpad is another app that handles ABC and has a whole lot of other aspects to it that makes it quite interesting, including the ability to display tablature, something I was hoping Tunebook and Tunepal would do.
  23. Yes, been there done that on my 64 TT. I guess my point was to point out to this group there was a nice baritone for sale in remarkable condition. Never mind.
  24. Aye, but as he said, this only needed valves as they'd stiffened a bit with age, the rest is as- new !
  25. Lovely baritone in incredible untouched condition spotted on EBay. Wish I had the right excuse to buy it : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Early-Wheatstone-baritone-concertina-/280906549442?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item416755c8c2#ht_500wt_922 Simon
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