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    Tried Classical Guitar for 27 years and finally decided that I can never master any one instrument so I've chosen to be an amature at several instruments instead.
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    Birmingham, Alabama. United States
  1. Jim Wright

    Tedrow Concertina Tour Log Book Posted

    HEY, Guess what? This is NOT Jim Wright. This is Bob Tedrow. I am currently logged in as Jim Wright. This is an odd glitch. Something is wrong with the software. Bob Tedrow
  2. Jim Wright

    "inappropriate" Songs For The Concertina

    I put popcorn in the tune-o-tron if anybody wants some~!
  3. Jim Wright

    Playing With My Accordion Friend

    Sorry that I have not been back. I have gotten so busy and I am not sure if I can help you. I hope you find something and if I get lucky with something I will let you know.
  4. Now that i am playing harder I am going to loosen mine. Also since I have been playing harder I have started automatically using free fingers like legs to stablize with I don't know if that is bad or good but so far it helps hold everything tight.
  5. Jim Wright

    Anglo/duet Handles & Holding

    I have mine probably too tight because my fingers are fully bent not curved. I do not know what is correct. I have another question and I just know that you can answer it. How do you finger the fourth and fifth buttons with the right hand on a 20 button anglo? so far I have not found anything on my own that seems to be right! I thank you in advance Jim for sharing your wisdom on the subject. Jim
  6. Jim Wright

    "inappropriate" Songs For The Concertina

    Hello everyone! I've been distracted for a while and came to see about getting another question answered but could not resist this post. I have just started learning concertina but play classical guitar. I have had pretty good luck with the intermediate level renaissiance era guitar music sounding very well. Also I have had fun with the Wizard Of Oz music. so far "Over the rainbow"," It Really was no miracle","come out","The coroners song""ding dong the witch is dead, lolipop guild, if--brain,merry--land of,,,, All these have sounded great on my anglo. some others ,,,,all in all....a mighty fortress is our god...penny lane...casy junior,,,,feed the birds,,,its a small world,,, send in the clowns,,,Lavender blue dilly dilly,,,siamese cat song (if you fake the harmony),,,,,,,,,,zip a dee do da,,well bunches!!! with my 20 button anglo I have not had much luck with minor keyed tunes I always thought that green sleeves or el pasa condor or scarbourough fair would sound good. well you all are very nice and I wish we could all sit in my living room with our instruments of all kinds and talk about all these fun things. your friend Jim
  7. Jim Wright


    And that's a wrap!!! The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Jim Wright


    Two shay
  9. Jim Wright


    I have no problem tuning my guitar to droped D. But I can't tuna fish because my bass is so slimey if I try I always drop D Thing. I think!!!
  10. Jim Wright

    Allowable Attachments

    Somewhere on this site I saw where TablEdit was software that you could use to convert standard notation to ABC. Thats how I was able to post my tune in the Tune-O-Tron.
  11. Jim Wright


    Hey! This is a pretty interesting post! Have you seen it yet?
  12. Jim Wright

    Playing With My Accordion Friend

    Thats plenty of time I just need a tune to arrange. I will be looking around and meantime you let me know if you have any ideas. Will people be dancing to it? Do you think 3/4 time would be good? about what tempo?
  13. Jim Wright


    Villa Lobos' music, for guitar anyway, seems to be either totally amazing and beautifull or I totally don't get it. But the piece Jim mentioned and choros and prelude #2for guitar are my all time favorites.
  14. Jim Wright

    Playing With My Accordion Friend

    I would be glad to arrange something for you. you can give me the song or I can find one for you. How much time do you have to learn it?