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  1. Maybe I'm the only one to have one. My prototype has arrived. I'll give my opinion but bear in mind I've only played Ebay chinese and Rochelle types. It is smaller than the Rochelle and a lot prettier. Each end fits easily into my palms which means I can reach all the buttons much easier. The sound is bright and tinny as oppose to loud and honky of the Rochelle. I think it sounds more like ones you can hear on you tube. I'm finding a few problems getting used to the button locations as the ends are smaller as mentioned, but that will come with time I hope and suit me better. The air doesn't seem to last as long as on the Rochelle and I'm looking for new places in the music to refuel if you know what I mean, that's my main problem. Delivery in 24 hours was impressive. The concertina came with a free gig bag that I hadn't expected. I played last night with my friends - keyboard, 2 accoustic guitars and a singer. I could hear the others for once and didn't overpower the others as much as usual. Overall I'm very pleased. Thank you for your interest. I'd still like to know what others think. Cheers.
  2. Worth which asking price, the £999 or the £599? I've ordered one already. It must be better than my current Rochelle and no doubt will love it, but can't really give an expert opinion. Do you know what it will be named and who is the maker?
  3. from music room online. What is it, does anyone know anything about them? Click to enlarge Prototype 30 button G/C Concertina Quickfind code: Prototype Co £599.00 Description Every now and then an opportunity arises that the term being in the right place at the right time applies to. This instrument presents one such opportunity. At The Music Room we never stand still in wanting to find and innovate where traditional musical instruments are concerned. This concertina is the first prototype we have of a "NEW" concertina that will be available from around Winter onwards. As we work with one of the leading Italian reed manufactures and one of Chinas most famous squeezbox makers. This is not the finished product but oh boy is it good. 30 button G/C with Italian Tipomano reeds this 6 fold bellowed instrument is very loud and bright to play with a very fast action. We only have 10 and we are confident they will sell very quickly. When we finally bring the finished article to market we expect to be retailing in excess of £1000
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