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  1. I tried and got in to English-and-American this year, but a combination of unforeseen factors made me have to give it up in order to visit my dad in Seattle this August instead. I've heard wonderful things over the years but have never been able to get to Pinewoods- maybe next year.
  2. Some of us are trying, Mark, truly we are....!!
  3. I'm back! It was a wonderful weekend; one of the best. One of the highlights was meeting Brian Peters; I made a point to attend several of his workshops and came away impressed, inspired, awed, and delighted! Brian is a superb performer, a master on the anglo concertina, and an all-around nice guy. Grainne Hambly, whom I know mostly from her harp playing, played her Jeffries with Brian in a workshop entitled Main Squeeze- they were with Karen Tweed, who plays a fine PA (I liked it because she plays it in a single-reed style that resembled concertina!) And oh, the singing... Now the countdown begins for next year!
  4. Mark, what a wonderful day. Thanks for the picture! It may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn't give the sense of the music that you did. (ow that I'm climbing out from under my rock of the end of the school year, I may need to gather some musicians 'round here for a similar event. Soon's I get back from Old Songs!)
  5. Oooo, that sounds like fun! I wonder if my daughter and her friend visiting from Sweden would think so? I'm supposed to be assisting my daughter in entertaining and showing the friend the wonderful sites of New England. Hmmmm...
  6. Yes, Welcome, Michael! And what fun for Samantha, to scoop you up off the street, so to speak!
  7. What fun, Mark! I bet you knocked their little socks off! Kids love music up close and personal, as long as the players act up close and personal. Good for you and Terry!
  8. Congratulations! What a beauty! I hope we'll be able to hear a recording of it sometime.
  9. So yesterday I played at the Irish Connections Festival in Canton, Massachusetts, in the coldest, wettest conditions I've ever had the pleasure to perform in. And there was a loudly amplified Irish band in the tent to one side, the Irish step dancers in the tent on the other side. And in my tent, on the other side of the partition, someone was still setting up a display- yes, he hammered on and off throughout the performance! But I kept a firm smile on my face, fingers slipping off the keys (I won't even begin to attempt to describe how my harper partner fared!). Luckily, the tent directly across from mine was the Guinness tent! Which is where we took ourselves after our performance!
  10. What a wonderful picture! I've been joking recently with a friend about how well concertina players show their love of music while they're playing - although it was also mainained that the players look like that because they're concentrating on not letting the drool escape! Not a reflection on you or Anne, Chris- it's a great photo!
  11. Amen, brother Mark! Testify! What a glorious evening. Thank you so much for telling it as only you can.
  12. HELEN!!!! Wonderful to hear from you! I hope you're feeling much better, and that we'll see your smiling face around here much more often.
  13. LOL!! Good thing I already swallowed my tea!!
  14. I've been reading this topic and wondering how I can put into words why I sing and play music. I get all non-verbal when trying to explain the inexplicable. I think it was Victor Hugo who said, "Music expresses what cannot be put into words, and yet cannot remain unsaid" For me the answer to the question of why I play music remains, how can I not?
  15. My favorite moments are when I just walk quietly to stand next to the singers in the front row, and join in!
  16. I've been thinking about this one. Last night, as I directed my chorus in our spring concert, I realized that, unusually for me, I was closing my eyes a lot more, instead of making eye contact with the singers. I realized that everything was going so well, I could close my eyes and "go inside the music" a bit- not for long, but it was a magical feeling. When playing concertina, I close my eyes when I know the melody well enough but still need to concentrate. Again, the best way for me to describe what's happening is that I go inside the music- which is also getting outside of myself, I guess!
  17. Yes, to all who are and to all who have ever had a mother, have a peaceful and happy day!
  18. To return to the query, I'll be there, concertina in hand, for the 10th year in a row. But if my duo partner Melanie rises to the promise to come, and gets her way, we'll be staying in a hotel instead of camping! I'll still keep my campsite, for a place to hang out. It's a wonderful festival, full of great people and a great time- no matter how sleepy!
  19. I agree! What's the worst that could happen (on second thought, don't answer that!). It sounds like a hoot!
  20. "Just wondering, does anyone know if there will be CONCERTINAS at the Old Songs festival in New York at the end of June?" (why doesn't my Mac at school let me insert quotes the way I can do on my PC at home???) Concertinas at Old Songs http://www.oldsongs.org/festival/index.html, my favorite festival: (These are the ones I know about) Jeff Warner John Roberts George Ward Brian Peters Not to mention the several folks wandering about with our square instrument cases!
  21. Dear Geoff, I'm so sorry about the setback but very glad you are healing and in good hands! Behave yourself, follow doc's orders, and feel better soon!
  22. Now that is a cool tattoo!! (I'm beginning to regret my snide remark about nursing homes! My apologies, friends!)
  23. I was just pondering what happens to elderly skin over time, depending on the location. I actually enjoy looking at good body art- for example, the other day I was waited on by a lovely, friendly young woman at a Korean restaurant (the woman was not Korean) who had a profusion of roses and abstract vines pouring over both shoulders. She is lovely right now. But 10 years from now, or more, or less, will she still be glad she went to the trouble? Meanwhile, I have two friends who found each other and married in their 40s; instead of rings they chose tha permanance of matching ankle tattoos done in Celtic knotwork. They are the happiest couple I know, 15 years later. I have this annoying practical side that prevents me from doing all sorts of impetuous, creative things. Sorry if that side caused me to make a curmudgeonly remark!
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