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  1. Tonight I was afforded the pleasent opprotunity to talk with the master craftsman himself, Mr. Bob Tedrow. While at the 2007 Southern Region Oireachtas, we discussed many things. It is always such a pleasure to talk to someone who has such a passion for such a beautiful craft. The one thing we chatted about was the elusive "Seven (7) Sided Concertina" What do ya'll think about that? Seven sides... has anyone ever seen one? do you think Mr. Tedrow should make one? My vote is yeh!
  2. I'm here in the South! I'm a resident of Augusta, GA. Only been playing anglo for about a month, but have been intrested for about a year. It's good fun. Any others in GA?
  3. An Evening of Traditional Irish Music brought to you by Broadstrokes Gallery! featuring...... Corner House www.cornerhousemusic.com Andi Hearn - Fiddle & Vocals Davey Mathias - Guitar with special guest Jeff Thomas - Concertina WHEN: Thursday August 11th @ 7:30pm WHERE: "The Clubhouse" located at 2567 Washington Road Augusta, GA TICKETS: $12.50 in advance ($14.00 the day of the concert) FOR TICKET INFORMATION CALL BROADSTROKES GALLERY AT (706) 774-1026 or (706) 267-5416 This is a local event that will be very small, but if anyone in the area would like to enjoy a good bit of irish music, here's a good place. The group is from South Carolina, I have never heard them but I hear they're good. Stop by if you want to. And if you plan on comming, say something! It would be nice to meet some fellow c-netters!
  4. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's true for some feisianna Bob. But in Augusta, we prefer that the competitors be irish dancers. To protect the competition from a professional comming and blowing the beginners out of the water! As we all know, the list of professional irish musicians is becoming endangered! So we try to encourage beginners. But maybe, Bob, we could have two levels of competition (Beginner & Advanced Beginner) But as I say this is only on the sketchboard...
  5. All Southeasterners! I had an idea on the sketchboard about having a "squeeze-in" for us Southeasterners! I'd love to get just a little idea of how many people, roughly, that live in the southeast and would like to have such a thing. My mother, well practicaly my entire family, runs the Southern Classic Feis in Augusta, GA. And, while she has not said yes, I thought it would be nice to have a get together on a friday. Firday the entire auditorium is empty just waiting for someone to use it, except for a music competition (only open to registered irish dancers! sorry guys!) But that doesn't stop us from having one of our own!? haha! Just leave a name and a location and any ideas you may have!
  6. I am having the pleasure of seeing Mr. Tedrow this weekend. Don't ask where, privacy please. Just something I wanted to put on.
  7. Richard! I have a question for you!!! The metal thing holding you cardstock, what is it? And can you explain how it works?? -Sean P.S. Thanks ya'll for all the info posted so far! Keep it coming!!
  8. Hey Everyone! I thought I would let everyone tell me what they think of my second attempt at the art of making bellows. I really am just getting practice with making them! The picture below of the bellows I made are made out of cardstock and, dare I say it, masking tape!!! They are very felxiable and agile. They have good "spring" I guess you could say, in other words they do not push your hand like strait back but they do "assist". But like I said, I'm just doing these to test my abilities of making the design! Not making functual bellows (all though they are air-tight!) Constructive Criticism Anyone??? P.S. I am practicing the art of skiving with leather, but a 16 year old can't afford making practice bellows! -Sean
  9. WOW!!!! I didn't know there would be sooo many "correctional" responses. I was just tryng to find out a little information about concertinas, and everyones gotten irritated about it! And sorry about the "Bart Simpson" avatar. I thought it would bring a little humor to the fourm, but it dosn't represent whether or not I'm serious about my reserch! I would like to say Thank You to those who did help me out. And If you would still like to post information i would appreciate it!
  10. Fixed! See the one about size! (thanks for the help)
  11. Hi everyone, I am posting this topic as a reserch topic. I am doing reserch on the size of concertinas. (There is a diagram below) If you would like to participate in this reserch base, just post these five (5) questions... The Name and Model of your Concertina The Number of Buttons on your Concertina The Type of Concertina (English, Anglo, Duet) The Three (3) sizes below (X inches, Y degrees, and Z inches) And Your Name (if you want to post it) Thanks alot for helping with this reserch! Here is the diagram... (you will probably need to click the thumbnail)
  12. You all seem to be able to post pictures!! But I can't figure it out!! hehe can someone help? I don't know what format to put it in! I losing my mind! Thanks!!
  13. Hi, When I visited Mr. Tedrow during the summer, I talked to him about the supped up Stagi's. He said that he dosn't realy do much of the upgrading but more of the custom bulding!! But don't take my word that he won't do it. Its best to hear his response! -sean
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