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  1. I bought a "Swan" concertina from McNeela several months ago, and they charged me the price listed on the website plus a 19 euro shipping fee (shipped to California), no tax or import duty fees. A word of caution though: I recently contacted McNeela about their trade-in policy for upgrading to a nicer concertina, and they informed me that my several-months-old Swan concertina I just bought from them would only be worth about 35% of its original value as a trade-in toward a nicer instrument. I believe other makers (concertina connection, handmade models from irish concertina company, etc) offer a 100% trade-in toward higher end models. Out of curiosity, which instrument are you interested in?
  2. It reminds me of a famous "experiment" where Joshua Bell busked for passers-by in D.C. and virtually every single person ignored him, despite being arguably one of the most talented musicians on the planet: There's also beautifully written article on this here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/pearls-before-breakfast-can-one-of-the-nations-great-musicians-cut-through-the-fog-of-a-dc-rush-hour-lets-find-out/2014/09/23/8a6d46da-4331-11e4-b47c-f5889e061e5f_story.html So, (sadly) most people do not really listen at all!
  3. You've got a lovely collection of instruments here, Mike! Thanks for the information. The number of keys in your descriptions don't seem to agree with the 4 concertinas in the center of the first picture, is it possible you were describing the instruments in this picture instead?
  4. Hi Mike, Could you tell us more about the 4 English concertinas in the center of the first picture and the associated prices? Thank you
  5. from the ebay description (from Feb 2022) of this concertina: Joey: can you comment on whether this instrument was repaired, and by whom?
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