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Joey morrow

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I'm wondering if this is a scam.  The seller is not communicating about his location and checking the instrument out.  Those thumb straps don't look new either.

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I did contact the OP by PM to ask his location and he did respond.  It is nowhere within driving disance for me so I let it go by otherwise I might have been tempted to visit.


I feel that it is up to the OP to provide his location and more information about this instrument.

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An online search for Wheatstone 27793 throws up links to two ebay auctions one on ebay.com, one on ebay.ca and a physical auction house in Canada from February this year.  The links are all dead now but it does give some clues 

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 15.03.10.png

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from the ebay description (from Feb 2022) of this concertina:



This Concertina is not functional & needs restoration. The bellows appear to leak, it does make noise but the buttons do not change the notes. There is damage to the filigree and there is some light cosmetic wear.  PROJECT PIECE!! Please see photographs.


Joey: can you comment on whether this instrument was repaired, and by whom?

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This box did require a lot of fiddling with to get it up to par.

but plays ok now, and at this price a good sound box.  Also 

has original case with it.  Plays well, but with medium volume?

The info in the description is all accurate.  TT box have a wonderful

sound when chords are played on the bottom noted, much like

a pipe organ.

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