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  1. We are holding our Christmas Dinner and session at The Royal Hotel,Dungworth,Sheffield on the above date.Everyone is welcome to attend for a meal and the session afterwards(we may also have a few tunes between courses!)or just for the session.Email me if you wish to see the menu and book a meal or if you want directions.A number of regular contributors to this site are regular attenders.We will be starting at 7.00pm.The Royal Hotel is a very friendly pub and the food is good. Regards Mark Davies
  2. One well known anglo player in Yorkshire played(and probably still does play)the concertina by playing the the right hand side of the instrument with his left hand and obviously the left hand side with his right hand using his lttle finger to play the air and drone buttons.I have not heard him play for over thirty years but from memory he was very good.I think he also played the melodeon the same way.I also recollect that he had Crabb's make him an anglo where the fingering remained reversed but the air button(still played with his left hand)and the drone button(still played by his right hand)were placed to be used by the thumbs.I understand he was entirely self taught and learnt to play in this way before he had met another anglo concertina player so just carried on.
  3. I will be in Ireland from late Friday and am flying back to the UK on Sunday night.Henrik give me a ring on my mobile to tell me where you will be.I will probably play in Ennistymon on Friday night and also Saturday(when I understand a flat session has been arranged).I may be in Ennis over the weekend but may also attend the Clare Festival of Traditional Singing at the Bellbridge Hotel at Spanish Point.I understand Bill Crossland will also be in Clare.Hope to see you.
  4. Noel Kenny playing at the 2004 Eigse Mrs Crotty
  5. Noel Kenny appeared as a guest at Eigse Mrs Crotty three or four years ago and was a very fine player and all round enetertainer.You will find some photographs of Noel and a full report of that years festival in one of the reports of the weekend done by Shay Fogarty which I think were hosted on Lisa Shields website.I also have some recordings of Noel made that weekend.
  6. Geoff Crabb will be visiting us at October meeting.Everyone interested in the concertina is welcome to attend.Good reasonably priced food is available at The Royal Hotel which is in the village of Dungworth near Sheffield,South Yorkshire.The evening usually consists of playing tunes and talking about the history and repair of concertinas.Neil Wayne always brings a few interesting concertinas and concertina related memorabilia from his collectionfor us to have a look at.We are more than happy to try to assist beginners. If you wouldm like to attend and have never been before email me for directions:- edeophone@aol.com
  7. Two new guests have confirmed they will be attending.Roy Clinging a singer and English concertina player will be performing and giving a talk on folk songs from Cheshire,whilst Neil Brookes a fiddle player will give a talk on the recent discovery of 19th Century fiddlers tune books from the North Shropshire.Neil & Tony Weatherall have recently issued a very fine CD featuring these tunes.
  8. Your absolutely right Chris.The date and venue for the English Country Music Weekend have been confirmed on the Musical Traditions website as being the 19th,20th & 21st June 2009 at Ampthill.Any visitors coming from overseas could therefore easily attend both that event and my music weekend.
  9. Geoff Crabb has confirmed he will be doing a bellows making workshop at the 2009 weekend.This was supposed to take place this year but we could not fit it in. Rees Wesson the well known melodeon player and repairer has confirmed he will attend. I will post breaking news as it happens
  10. I have now able to confirm the dates of the 2009 weekend.I apologise if the date clashes with other events in the UK.The change of date has been caused by my other commitments and the availability of Bradfield Village Hall.If there are any guests you would like me to invite or you would like to be invited as a guest yourself please contact me.Please bear in mind no fees or expenses are paid and I only make a contribution towards accomodation costs .I am also looking for speakers and presentations for the weekend so if you have any suggestions contact me. The dates are:- FRIDAY 26TH JUNE.SATURDAY 27TH JUNE & SUNDAY 28TH JUNE 2009
  11. Due to other intererests I cannot organise the 2009 Bradfield Traditional Weekend on the weekend of 7th,8th & 9th August(so ignore the email I sent to all those on my contact list)I am considering bringing it forward to the weekend of the 24th,25th & 26th July.The only event that I know of that it clashes with is the Cullerlie Traditional Singing Weekend in Scotland.It will no doubt clash with some "folk festival"or other in the UK but as I have no interest in "folk music"that is not a problem.Has anyone got any thoughts about this?
  12. I have an extensive collection of recordings of concertina players dating from the late 1940's and early 1950's(transferred from reel to reel to cassette)and going through to the 1960's and 1970's.These were left to me by Harry Hatton of Haydock,Lancashire,agreat concertina player and enthusiast who I played with for many years.The collection includes unique recordings of anglo,Jeffries/Maccann & Crane Duet & English concertina players as well as ensembles and competitors at the ICA Festivals.These recordings in the main have never been publicly available before.I have purchased the equipment to digitise the recordings but have realised I simply do not have the time available to complete the project.I am seeking someone with the requisite skills to do the work.I am willing to pay for the work to be carried out.Ideally anbody interested should live within reasonable travelling distance of Sheffield,South Yorkshire.Contact me :- edeophone@aol.com
  13. Talks & Workshops Geoff Crabb's" Concertina Makers & Repairers Forum" Roger Digby's" Anglo Hour" Jody Kruskal "Cool American Stuff on the C/G Anglo" Dan Worrall "The Beginnings of Anglo Concertina Playing in England 1830-1920" Andrew & Margaret Watchorn "Music From The Borders" Could I emphasise that the Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend is NOT a concertina festival it just so happens this year there is a lot to interest concertina players.For those who want to come early The Royal Concertina Players will meet at The Royal Hotel Dungwoth at 8.00pm on Thursday 7th August for s pie supper accompanied by Jody Kruskal. The weekend features some of the finest traditional singers and musicians from the UK and Ireland.Email me for a booking form. Although most of the local accommodation is already booked I know of one or two rooms still available.Otherwise there is plenty of space for caravans/campavans and for those who wish to camp.
  14. Additional Guest The well known Irish singer and guitarist Ron Kavanagh has confirmed that he will be attending the weekend as guest.
  15. The attachement is too large so please email me for a booking from.
  16. Yes the cost for the day will be £10 per person. Please use the attached booking form
  17. Concertina Players Alan Day(Anglo) Jody Kruskal(Anglo) Gavin Atkin(Jeffries Duet) Mile Hebbert(Jeffries Duet) Roger Digby(Anglo) Dave Prebble(Anglo) Shay Fogarty(Ireland,Anglo) Tom Driscoll(Ireland,Anglo) David Levine(USA & Ireland Anglo and flute) Steve Harrison(Anglo and melodeon) Henrik Muller(English) Geoff Wright(English & Anglo) Other Musicians Andrew & Margaret Watchorn(Northumbrian Pipes & Fiddle) Concertina Repairers & Manufacturers Dave Leese Geoff Crabb Dave Prebble Henrik Muller Talks & Workshops Dan Worall Roger Digby Geoff Crabb Jody Kruskal Singers Jeff Wesley John Greaves Roger Hincliffe Gordon Hoyland Joe Atkins David Helliwell Finbarr Wall(Ireland) Chris "Yorkie"Bartram Ken Woolfenden Fay Hield William Noble Dick Hogan(Ireland) Annie Dearman Bob Auty Dance in Bradfield Village Hall Saturday with Bracken Rigg Dance Band and the Handsworth Sword Dancers plus guest spots. The weekend promises some superb music and singing.Contact me for a booking form.Weekend tickets cost £20 per person to include camping and entrance to all events including the Saturday night dance. Mark Davies Email:edeophone@aol.com
  18. If any concertina.net members are attending Willie Week and want to attend any sessions in the Ennistymon area contact me(Mobile telephone no:-07850475067 or Irish no 0657071955.)as myself,Shay Fogarty,Tom Driscoll and David Levine will be playing in and and around Ennistymon most evenings.I will be attending the classes and we may play in Milltown during the day,as well as playing golf and going fishing!There is a lovely session in Cooleys House on Friday night and we will be playing in either Marrinans or in Kilshanny(Kilshanny House)on Saturday 5th July.
  19. I have a D/A Baritone anglo made by Colin Dipper.
  20. As a build up to the weekend we will have the monthly concertina session Royal Concertinas on Thursday 7th August at the usual venue,The Royal Hotel,Dungworth and as we did last year we will finish the weekend with a mixed session,again at The Royal Hotel on Sunday evening the 10th August as many of the guests who are travelling over from Ireland and the USA on staying over. The Plough,Low Bradfield is available all weekend and sessions of Irish music will take place with a number of Leeds based musicians in attendance as well as those from Ireland.
  21. Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend 2008 Could I correct the impression that is being given that I am organising a"Concertina Festical".The BTMW features some of the finest traditional singers and instrumentalists from the UK,Ireland and the USA.Some are concertina players but the majority of instrumentalists are not.We will have English music sessions throughout the weekend in The Royal Hotel,Dungworth an Irish music sessions in The Plough,Low Bradfield and singing in the Club Room of The Old Horns,High Bradfield.As I have previously indicated there will be some great concertina players attending and we will have some fascinating talks on the history and manufacturing and repair of concertinas.
  22. Alan & Dave you can carry on this discussion at the Bradfield Traditional Music Weekend as cocusflute will be coming for the weekend together with Tom Driscoll.I have been receiving anti chopping lessons from cocusflute when I visit Ireland and very good they are to.I think chopping is more of a problem if you are playing Irish music.As I try to play both I need to try to get out of the habit.Not easy at my age!
  23. Details of guests attending and a booking form are attached. BTMW2008_BOOKING_FORM.rtf
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