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  1. The Flying Ducks do look wonderful, but there is a lead time of 15 months and I'm very keen to get started. Perhaps one will be my second concertina! Thank you for all the information and the very useful videos. I decided to take a punt on the Gear4Music one, and it is arriving tomorrow. My expectations are suitably tempered, but I'm hoping I can use it to learn the basics of the instrument and get a few tunes under my fingers
  2. I've found a secondhand Scarlatti Anglo concertina with 30 keys for £199 - do you think this would be better than the Gear4Music one, or are they likely to be pretty much the same at this price? The G4M comes with a case which is a nice bonus i suppose!
  3. Hello all You've heard it a million times I'm sure, but I'm looking to by my first concertina, and my budget is £200. I'm looking to play Irish trad so I understand I'd need an Anglo in C/G ideally. I've been looking on eBay at some beautiful antiques, but very reluctant to take a punt on something I know so little about! What is the general consensus for beginners on this kind of budget? I'm based in the UK, so there must be plenty of choice 😄
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