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  1. Did you see a Chemnitzer was posted here almost at the same time as you posted your request? Good timing!
  2. Got an email-heads up from the owner (we'd gotten in touch since I was asking about his NOS 20-button German concertainas) that they've posted the first of what are expected to eventually be a number of basic concertina tutorials. For the first one they're doing 20b Anglo, and plan to later have 30b, English, and Duet content:
  3. And if there is to be an Elise-2, will it be a smaller box with the same key array, or a same-size box but with added accidentals?
  4. Note that shortly after you, a member in Wisconsin posted a Swan 30b Anglo for $600, if your budget can flex a bit to get something significantly nicer than you first intended: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/23638-mcneela-swan-concertina-cg/
  5. I'm really digging this Icelandic tune! It occurs to me that I should be looking more into Icelandic works since I favor drone-heavy instruments. What make of concertina are you playing in the Iceland clip?
  6. Note there are a couple 30b Anglos in the "Buy and Sell" section of this forum, including an Edgley for US$2000. That's one good place to shop for an upgrade.
  7. I'm baffled that people for 150+ years have been making concertina cases where you can grab the handle attached to the top and then the bottom falls out. It would make massively more sense to have the handles joined to the bottom portion on the sides.
  8. Thanks for the Zoom endorsements, but I'm look less for a "digital camcorder" and more for a camera without standalone capability that I would for example plug into my phone or laptop, clamp it to a park bench, and film myself playing music. Less something I set up on a tripod, looking for a camera and mic that are basically cargo-pocket sized and somewhat better than the mic and camera on the phone. It may be that the camera on an iPhone 8 or 10 (haven't finalized my upgrade from 6S yet) is good enough for YouTube as it is, but I'd still want a mic probably for mic placement plugg
  9. I do note too that you see those sloping corners on some German (East German?) concertinas of the mid-1900s.
  10. Just saw this on eBay, and while it's nothing fancy, I thought it looked interesting enough to post here:
  11. Hey all, I've been doing a lot more recording myself playing, just using my phone and a "gooseneck" with a flexible body and seating clamp and phone clamp so I can position the phone right to record myself. Mainly doing lyre, ukulele, toy melodeon, but I got my beater English concertina back from a friend and working on re-learning how to play that. The video on my phone is quite decent (got a 6S put planning to upgrade soon), but the mic isn't great and also there are points where being able to put the mic other than right by the camera would be excellent. So I'm thinking I need a
  12. I wanted to show a friend a clip of the versatility of the English concertina, and it's driving me crazy I can't find one specific player. Not sure if she deleted her account and videos are lost, or if I'm just not searching right. In the mid-late 2000s there was a young woman who posted several clips on YouTube of classical and jazz-y music on a notably larger than average concertina, irrc posed on a stool in a relatively upscale living room or such. She had several clips and seemed like a really solid player, and the recording quality was (for that time) notably better than avera
  13. Hello @Kathryn Wheeler, do you mind if I also share the link to your video on Reddit? We have both r/Concertina (which is just a landing-place to send folks to here) and the r/Wales subreddit that both might enjoy this!
  14. Ah, my mistake. Valid point, and now I am curious too. Wasn't there some Czech concertina with metal ends that was posted on this sub in the past?
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