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  1. Ah, like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for music! Sounds like fun.
  2. While looking for something else (I swear! 🙂) I stumbled across this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223628773234 Obviously in rough shape. After looking at a bunch of photos of concertinas, I haven’t spotted one like this, however. I kind of like the embossed wooden parts. It looks like it might have been nice once upon a time. Any idea of the maker?
  3. I did find the museum, but didn’t come across the page you linked; thanks! I have to say this one’s awfully simple to play!
  4. Yeah, that was me... that’ll teach me to lowball an offer. 😒 Through some weird and amazing post office quirk, it arrived today, and I really do quite like it, weird layout and all.
  5. I just received my secondhand Rochelle a week ago tomorrow! I’m having a lot of fun learning how to play it!
  6. They’re back! Different seller. This is what happens when scammers hack into seller accounts, I imagine. they have 4500+ listings, and before now, it looks like this seller mostly sold DVDs.
  7. I’ve been thinking about this because my Rochelle came with a soft-sided bag and I don’t like it. My ukulele also has a soft-sided case and I am super paranoid about where I store it so that it doesn’t end up as a cat’s bed, because they will lay on anything. My dad has a small vintage leather train case that sounds like it will fit the Rochelle so I’m going to try it and likely refurbish the inside if it fits. (Measurements sound promising.) But I also found a hatbox on Amazon that looks good too, measurement-wise, if needed.
  8. Is this the “pawn shop” who has a few listings up? I reported them all to eBay last night because they had a photo that said they would only sell for a BIN amount outside of eBay, which is against the rules. But they are still up this morning.
  9. Oh, OK. Gotcha. Sorry. 😔 I meant the push and pull/different notes or same notes. I would assume same note on push/pull.
  10. I’m curious as to whether it would be setup like an English or an Anglo. I’m guessing English?
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-French-Canadian-GAUCHO-32-Button-Concertina-Plays-Sounds-Looks-Great-VGC-/233869001314 I’ve searched the site but found no information (EDIT: one small mention) about these? Interesting layout?
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