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    I have a concertina problem, and also a love of folk music (especially Celtic) and classical music (especially Schubert).
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    Probably on a ship somewhere.

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  1. Hi there, and thanks for the replies! LateToTheGame: sounds like me myself, hah. Apologies for the delay, folks - sailor life. Yes, I do have measurements. Let me attach my poorly-edited photos to give you the idea. All dimensions are in millimeters. Thanks for the suggestions so far! I haven't made a decision yet, so this project is still open. Regards, Geoff
  2. Hi there, Thought I'd reach out to the brain trust, and I hope I in fact chose the best forum section to post this in. I have a 72-key Maccann Duet whose case appears to be original (96 years old) and in any ... case ... not up to snuff. I've reached out to a few different conch retailers on both sides of the Pond over the past two or three years. Those have led me to some individuals who, it turns out, no longer make custom cases themselves. I'm wondering if perhaps someone here has any direction they might point me in for a new custom case. I have had some suggestions, most constructively (sorry) for a Pelican or Pelican-style hardshell case. This would have been a winner (and I am actually using one currently), but the problem is that the case with the smallest acceptable dimensions still takes up well over double - almost triple - of the volume I actually require. I'm all about the robust construction - I am a sailor - but for the same reason, space is at a premium. The size and weight of the Pelican are not going to work for me. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be quite appreciative. Thanks! Best, Geoff
  3. Hi Kathryn, If it's any solace regarding FAWM, nobody expects polished arrangements, particularly in light of the short timeframe. All tracks are understood to be demos only, giving an idea of the creation more so - much more so - than any finished product. Sometimes, people take it upon themselves to polish their work after February; this is particularly the case when multiple individuals happen or decide to collaborate on a track. But, during FAWM, the disclaimers are understood and the leniency is expected - otherwise I'd never post anything there myself! 😁 That aside, I look forward to hearing what you've posted! I'll go hunt some down. Best, Geoff
  4. Hello, everyone. Perhaps this is a bit strange for my first post on these boards, but timing is a factor. Do any of us dabble in writing original concertina tunes, regardless of style? Would you like to share more, if so? I see quite a bit of passion and interest in revitalizing the concertina and sharing it with wider audiences, and February provides a unique opportunity for this, as it's FAWM time! For those not in the know (I was unable to find another mention of this on the forums yet), FAWM is, simply put, an inspirational and positive, worldwide community supporting the creation and sharing of original music - but only during the month of February. (The acronym stands for February Album Writing Month, and began as a silly challenge among four friends in California to create an original album: 14 tracks in 28 days. Over the years, as these things are wont to do, it caught on, and today there's a worldwide community.) There's no need to set your sights on the number 14; this is my ninth year being involved, and I think I've turned out or collaborated on only about seven or eight tracks. Nevertheless, from experience, it's a wonderful little site on which to bang out and post original demo tracks (or add your own to other folks' work in a collaborative effort). In my experience, all of the feedback and interactions have been positive; it seems the antithesis of a comments section on [insert website here]. If you're interested in checking it out, the website is fawm.org. It's a very simple and clean site, focused on the music and the feedback. Anyway, there seems to be a largely-unexplored niche for original concertina music, and so if this strikes your fancy, I gladly share the opportunity with you. There's still nearly a month left in which to create and share! Regards, Geoff
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