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  1. Thanks for the tip David B. I'll keep my eye on The Button Box. Do let me know if you come across any more information on those haydens, I do concertina repair so even if they're less than perfect condition I may still be interested.
  2. hey David, yeah I read about the trade in which is about 400 as you said. Even so the peacock, which I think is probably what I'll try and get, is around 2.5k. So it's not impossible but I'll have to sit on that idea a bit longer. Also I looked up the bastari and you can rest assured even if I came across one for sale, it would be firmly outside of my price range lol.
  3. Thanks Ɓukasz, very helpful response with all the info I was looking for. I'll have to take some time and think about budgeting towards the beaumont or the peacock, and it seems due to the covid crisis many of the manufacturers are on a hiatus. Thanks for the help and hopefully I get what I'm looking for.
  4. I play on an elise hayden duet, and have been since I started playing, but recently I've been wanting to upgrade to a more versatile hayden duet. I've checked around online but it seems duet concertinas don't get much attention, let alone the hayden system. Anyone have any reccomendations on where I can find a nice hayden duet? I was looking at the stagi 46-key but stagi concertinas tend to have a lot of problems straight from the manufacturer.
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