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  1. Libby, it often helps to identify where in the world you live.
  2. I think that the long line over a series of pull notes make it easier to see the run. But lines are not supported in the plugin API yet, and I have more interest in making a sheet of music I can practice from than making a perfectly pretty score. Oh, and I have more than a little interest in playing around with the code to make it do what I want. ? I am still playing around with the placement of the tabs. Next up I want to have a little bit of user input on notes that match to multiple buttons.
  3. I will absolutely share what I have done so far. But be warned, I am new to the coding of the plugin. I am sure that I am missing much in terms of style and knowledge. It is after bet time and my dear wife is reminding me of that. PM me your email address and I will send along what I have some time tomorrow.
  4. My Wren took 6 days to get to Cleveland. I was also considering a Rochelle which is out of stock but they do occasionally get in a used instrument through their trade-up program. You have to ask them if they have one.
  5. Ha! I frequently enter the melody for a song I am studying just to hear it played in Musescore as I try to learn it!
  6. Great work! I did not know you could create customized palates. I have been playing with Musescore for some time, only recently attempting to use it for Concetina. I wrote a plugin to go from notes to tabs. Since I am using a 30 button Anglo that is what I wrote it for. So this is the score as I entered it. And this is what my plugin does. Not perfect. The lines for the draw are only underscores above the button number rather than continuous lines like they should be. The developers at Musescore have not exposed the line object to the plugin API but they think they will soon. In the mean time, this is a good approximation. It lets me start practicing. I have more I want to do with this plugin. When multiple buttons are a match for a particular note, I want it to ask present the possibilities and ask which one to use.
  7. I recently purchased this beginner concertina and have been having a ball. The 4th right hand C row button (c'/a) started to hang partially open occasionally. The button would slant sideways a bit and get jammed. I could wiggle it a bit and it would straighten out and behave just about long enough for me to get through another verse of Drunken Sailor. You can clearly see the misalignment of the button in the first 2 pictures. I researched. Other owners have seen this and needed to adjust how the button sits. Another owner found that some glue that keeps the rubber sleeve attached to the button had found its way outside the button and into the hole. Cleaning the glue from the button and hole fixed things for that owner. I sent an email off to service at McNeela to confirm that I would not void my warranty if I opened it up (thumbs up). So, number 2 phillips screwdriver and off I went. Reading other repair posts I saw that some instruments use screws of multiple lengths so I was careful to keep them identified. They all looked the same to me but better safe than sorry. It was really very simple. I took pictures as I went. Who *doesn't* want to see the workings? I could see that the buttons are free-floating on the arm. I reached in with a toothpick and just nudged the button a bit further out on the arm. Back in to the end cap and I 'played' through several stanzas. All appeared to work. Reassembly was simple. I did my best to make sure each screw re-entered the original threads. It plays well and the button has not jammed open yet.
  8. John, I love it! My first change will to make the search sequence like this: C-right C-left G-right G-left Accidental-right Accidental-left. I *think* I can query the score to get the key. If it is G, swap the G and C search order. Edit: I have change the search order to be CR-CL-GR-GL-AR-AL and the attached sheet is the result. Much improvement.
  9. Hi Gary! There is a line tool but it is not exposed to the plugin API. They are considering adding it. I can put the lines in manually after the plugin puts in the tabs. There are some other things that I want to do with this plugin. Rather than simply selecting the first button that matches I want to pop a dialog to show the options among multiple buttons, as is the case with A being on 3 different buttons. I think that this plugin should work with multi note chords but I expect that it will become confused if it finds some notes on a push and some on a pull. And I do not handle grace notes. I yanked out grace note support to make the code less complex while I was leaning how to use Musescore plugins.
  10. Don, I use Musescore to create lead sheets and sheet music in general. It is a free and very full featured tool for putting music on to paper. They are pushing for 'Pro' membership that lets you download existing sheet music that other users have created. Currently I have not signed up for the subscription. When I started playing Ukulele I would find music online that I wanted to play but it was never in a format that fit my needs. With Musescore I can (relatively) easily put the notes on the staff, adjust things to make them fit the way I want and print them out or create a PDF to display on a tablet. The plugins are tiny programs that let you do extra stuff. One example, notenames, simply puts the name of each note above the staff. You can see in the image I attached that the first line is some notes I entered. The second line shows the names of the notes as created by the notenames plugin. I am a computer programmer for a living so it was easy to modify that code to put the concertina tabs on instead of note names, as you can see in the third line. It is not perfect by any means. I have not done extensive testing for accuracy so it might not find the right button. Even if it does find a button, who knows if it is the best. My code finds the first button in the matching pitch, starting with the top of the right hand. And the pull indicator bar is simply an underscore above the tab. I would like it better as a full line but this is a start. Oh, I should mention that the tabulature I create follows my understanding of the style used by Gary Coover. I own only one book on the Anglo concertina and it is one of his.
  11. John, that is some good advice. I transposed it down an octave and had a go at programming in the Anglo tabulature in a style that looks (to my newbie eyes) to be in style with the Gary Coover books. Yes, the button tabs are all over. I have not found how to have my plugin set a consistent height. Yes, the line for pull or draw is not ideal and in Gary Coovers style is all above the staff. As I understand it, lines cannot be drawn from my plugin so I am using an underscore above the button tab. But it certainly is enough to start practicing with! Edit: I manually lined up the tabs better. This version as more presentable.
  12. The bubble wrap got removed in the garage and then I went and washed my hands. The case and the concertina have been quarantined inside the box for a week already. And yes I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it. ?
  13. IT'S HERE!! IT'S HERE!! I told myself that I would wait until my work day is over before I put effort into playing anything. Oh, I got it out of the cast to look at. I pushed and pulled while pressing some random buttons. But then I put it back and worked at my day job. For lack of any books to study from (yet) I will play around with this:
  14. Auto-correct is the little elf inside your computer who tries REALLY hard to help but who is, in fact, drunk.
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