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  1. Practicing with a metronome may be good discipline, but it can also deliver a very nasty shock!
  2. I do remember the occasion, Mike. I was performing with Gordon Tyrrall, so had a limited choice of repertoire to play with. I will always try and play a couple of extra things on anglo if there's a fellow player in the room, especially when requested!
  3. Actually I wasn't, and very nice it is too. Thanks for that - it now has an extra view to add to the 75,000+, and an extra 'Like' as well. But how on earth could 7 people find it within themselves to give that a thumbs-down? Though having said that I recall a chap who came to one of my melodeon workshops and became very angry because I'd committed the musically elitist sin of talking about modal scales in analysing a tune. Not only did he storm out in the middle of the session, but he took the trouble to seek out all of my videos on Youtube and dislike every one!
  4. Pinewoods Camp in August was certainly less challenging than the Winter solstice, Jim. Nice idea to use Anglo for those kind of tunes. I didn't know 'Old Heidelburg' but have just looked it up - nice tune, and the challenge would be to fit in some of those jazzy chords that the piano player does. I'd be interested to hear what you do with it, Jim. I have to admit that 'Weeping Willow Rag' took a lot of working out.
  5. 'Tall and willowy' is not something I get called on a regular basis, but I'll take it as a compliment... And although we all love to achieve challenging targets and gain the approbation of our peers, actually having fun playing music is the best validation IMO!
  6. Good point Little John. When I think about it, I've only seen JK use his accordion case when playing the big button box, and he's always played the anglo without support. He makes a lot of use of cross-rowing so doesn't need to waggle the bellows about so much, which is usually when the thing needs a bit of extra stability.
  7. I've been known to use my melodeon case, but my concertina case doesn't get the knee sufficiently high.
  8. I think we can forgive you for playing that one seated, when you do as good a job as that! An excellent advertisement for the Hayden duet system - thanks, David I enjoyed that very much.
  9. I'll remember the tip about the gloves if I ever find myself playing outside in winter, but I've managed to avoid that successfully over the past 40 years!
  10. Interesting, David B. I'd have thought your instrument is heavier than mine, too. When it comes to playing standing, I would always do that when accompanying songs, but I often sit down to play instrumentals because it gives me more control, at least in certain tunes depending on how much bellows work there is, and sometimes on the fingerings. However, during a concert set I'd be alternating anglo with other instruments, so I'm not accustomed to playing standing for a long period. Maybe I'm just not sufficiently used to it. On the other hand, I know plenty of anglo players who can't play standing at all.
  11. David Colpitts, re singing and playing, you just keep on doing it until you can do it! Good luck!
  12. David, will you be processing with the dancers at those street fairs? I found playing for 20 minutes whilst processing with Pinewoods Morris when they danced AB at camp last year pretty hard on the wrist and hand muscles!
  13. Thanks, David. Interesting to hear our different interpretations of the harmony - I like your descending bass line. And you are of course correct about the spelling!
  14. Hi folks, I've just uploaded a few videos featuring Anglo to my long-moribund Youtube channel, so please drop by if you will. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmJQx9Wz7Pz3WLelPihYOAA Brian
  15. I've nothing at all against G/D instruments, and musicians like Jody do wonders with them, but remember that it is possible to play quite a lot of tunes in G, on a C/G instrument, in the correct pitch, and with full chording. The way I do it is to play the lower end of the scale (G above middle C to E) 'on the pull' on the C row, and anything above that on the RH G row. The first two notes of the scale are the pulled G at button 4 on the top (accidentals) row (LH) and the pushed A on the same button - both using the index finger - allowing a pulled G chord using the other fingers to be set against the first note of the scale. A tune like 'Speed the Plough' works fine like that, though tunes that go below G - i.e. to F# and lower - become much more difficult to harmonize as more LH fingers are needed for melody notes. Jim has a good point abut projecting over massed melodeons by playing an octave high. Personally I find the corresponding G/A reversal at top row button 2 on the RH of a Wheatstone-system instrument absolutely integral to the way I play. But that's probably just me.
  16. Great job, Jim! When I get back from holiday I'll try to work out which of my extra 9 buttons I use in that tune.
  17. Hi All, I recently posted on Youtube some mainstage performances from the National Folk Festival at Canberra last Easter, including a couple with my anglo. Here goes: The Wild Rover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96Xuu8yeTFc The Northern Lass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9CK1CMiqIw There's also a home recording of 'Weeping Willow Rag' that I made last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VatDE1SMc4o Regards, Brian
  18. I remember having significant air leakage problems during a trip to Ontario one frozen February....
  19. "Also, when listening to Brian's tune, The Blossom and the Rain, I was struck by how certain parts of the tune remind me of the Boda Waltz, a previous TOTM. What do others think? I wonder if Brian knows the tune and was subconsciously influenced by it?" Well, Chris, up to the moment it was brought to my attention I hadn't heard of 'Boda Waltz' and, having checked it out on Youtube (played by Jody Kruskal, as it happens) I can say pretty definitely I've never heard it before. The first couple of bars of the 'B' are similar to 'Blossom', though if there was any subconscious borrowing going on, I think it's more likely to have been from 'Silent Night' which shares the same phrase.
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