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  1. Hi Steve, I am in Lincoln itself, so a bit of a drive, but we have relatives in long bennington, so are down further south fairly often. The squeezeast thing looks very interesting, and I will definitely try to go. For now I am going to focus on the cleaning and polishing side of things, as opposed to the tuning and patching and stuff, at least until I am more experienced in that field (I have several broken accordions to practice on!). More pictures coming soon! Thanks, Oskar
  2. Hi Frank, I meant to upload some pictures of the inside but didn't get round to it. I agree about the bellows, they look like they need almost completely rebuilding to make it a useable instrument again. The reedpans don't seem warped to me, the action boards may be a little warped depending on whether what I think you mean by action boards is correct ( the thin bits of wood with the hinges and springs on); and I am fairly certain the chamois on the gaskets needs replacing. It had become so hard that it had stuck itself to the reedpan and required about 15mins worth it gentle wiggling to remove it. The fretwork at the ends is intact, but a bit messy and could do with a polish and some nice fabric behind it. Thanks, Oskar
  3. Hi Dave, I'm in Lincolnshire. My family and I have been talking about trying to get into contact with an experienced musical instrument restorer-fixer-doer-upper for a while, to talk about concertinas, accordions, player pianos, harmoniums and the like, but we haven't got round to the actual contacting bit yet. My grandad introduced me to a friend of his who does fixing string instruments, but that's not much good if your main interest is free-reed. But yeah, I will try and find someone local-ish. It'd probably be a big help.
  4. Hi, This Christmas, a friend’s dad gave me an old Lachenal 30-button Anglo that had been in his family for generations. Unfortunately it is in a pretty sorry state, but as an aspiring musical instrument restorer, I have decided to have a crack at mending it myself (with the help of our friend's tools and DT experience). It is a beautiful instrument, with hardwood ends and bone buttons, steel reeds and a 5-fold bellows. As the photos show, it is a bit dirty (nothing some good cleaning can’t handle) and has had the bellows poorly repaired in the past with what looks like plasters…? Inside, the left hand reeds are quite rusty, while the right hand ones seem alright. The buttons also seem to be popping out of their guide holes, so they have to be wiggled around a bit before you can press them down. It also has some writing inside, saying it was tuned by a Wooding of Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1897, and an address that is only legible in bits, but appears to say: (something something something) 170 (something) road Cliff Vale Stoke-on-Trent Dec (something)/96 The main problems will be de-rusting the reeds and patching up the bellows (which have got more than their fair share of holes in). If anybody out there has any ideas or advice they could give me, whether that’s on the history of the instrument or how to repair it, it would be greatly appreciated by both me and my friend’s family. Please find attatched some photos of the instrument. Thanks! Here is a video of the state of the bellows:
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