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  1. Thanks Don will check out the rubbery bits when I get inside. cheers Geoff
  2. Wow thanks Oskar that's brilliant - I feel much more confident now about opening up the little critter! i will try and remember which screw went where! Many thanks Geoff
  3. Thanks for the advice Oskar - I will have a look for what you describe when i get the courage to take the end off! I think though from fiddling with the buttons and peering through the grille that its actually the levers which are sticking rather than the buttons themselves in the holes. There seems to be some lateral movement of some levers if I move the buttons side to side, and the levers of the RHS C and G row top buttons get too close I think and interfere with each other. Does anyone know if I can fix levers that are loose like that? Many Thanks Geoff
  4. Hi folks I've been playing my wren 2 that I got for Christmas and been very pleased with it so far - seems very good for the money [£350] to me. Have just hit my first problem - the first button on the C row right hand side has started sticking -or rather clicking! peering through the holes on the side it looks like the lever isn't staying in place and is getting snagged by an adjacent lever. I can wiggle the buttons and free it up but it goes back after a few presses. Any advice? I'm reluctant to take the end off without knowing what I'm doing! Many Thanks Geoff
  5. Thanks for the tips on here - I have just started learning to play on a Wren 2 and found the G row very hard to play with the strap tight. I have some pipe insulation foam now on the left side handrest and it feels so much better. Still not entirely comfortable on the right hand side though - tried the foam but couldn't reach the air button with my thumb any more! Maybe I will get the hang of it without any padding... thanks for a really helpful site everyone! cheers Geoff
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