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  1. You are correct on both accounts, not only did I send e-mail to that account before I ordered (to see if they had any used stock per their website, didn't even think to ask if they had new stock, I just assumed they did), when there was a problem with my order their responses came from that address. I even double checked and copied the e-mail from your message right into my e-mail client and it is the same one. The back order seemed like it could be a wait, and I distinctly got the idea that they didn't expect me to find one anywhere. I am sorry to say I went straight to Button Box after that and bought their last Elise (which arrived just as you posted your question). I would hate to rub my good fortune in your face, but if you have any questions about it (for example I had wondered about the included tutor and took it on faith that it would be helpful), message me and I will be happy to share what I know. If by any chance you are in/near Southern California, I would also be happy to let you give it a squeeze iffin you were so inclined, there doesn't seem to be much if any in the way of resources out here.
  2. I e-mailed and got a sub half hour response from William himself a week ago yesterday, then I tried to place an order and got an e-mail back from Karen saying that there was a backorder on the model I had tried to order and I got a refund processed all in the same day. I was extremely impressed with their responsiveness, my experience couldn't have been more different from yours.