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  1. Thanks for the invitation mate however I am across the US in florida. As for other concertinas out there, best I can guess a duet is what I am looking for? Oet me explain where I am coming from, so here goes my story: I've really become enamoured since playing a recent video game which featured an accordion playing character, after looking and listening more into it I started to realize a lot of accordions and concertinas in music I like. I had also been trying to learn the guitar for 12 years but lacked a certain muscle coordination to find the right frets, yet despite that lack of talent I can type fully autonomously. I realized I can do finger placement quite well unless I reset my hands somewhere else so a concertina seemed like a great instrument to try out, if that makes sense. Sadly with low demand, even in a town like Jacksonville, I can't find any stores that sell accordions or concertinas. I can only guess that a concertina duet is the sound I want, or even a style of insturment that I could pick up. Maybe this whole thing wasn't meant to be for me right now. I will keep on trying to get ahold of the Wakkers up at CC and see what can be done. For any one that has called them before are there good hours to get ahold of them on the -1626 number?
  2. Thanks for all the responses guys, you definitely are being the warm and supportive community that y'all appeared to be from the outside. Fatman did you happen to use the info@concertinaconnection.com email to get ahold of them? Also was it the Elise Hayden Duet that you had tried to order and they said was back ordered?
  3. Thank you, I do have a gut feeling it is a case of 'away on vacation and/or business'. If no one else knows how to get ahold of him then I am still willing to just wait until the end of the month, however at a certain point I will have to do something about the fact I spent half a grand into the wind with no return. I do hope I hear something soon.
  4. Hello all! I was hoping to get some help getting ahold of the people up at Concertina Connection? I am new to this instrument and decided to start with them after seeing the recommendations listed here, however it has been a week tomorrow since I placed my order via Paypal and have not yet recieved any word or confirmation other than my bank confirming the money was sent. I have phoned and emailed their points of contact listed on the website yet have not recieved anything back. While I don't think I have been swindled considered their reputation, I am concerned my order may have not been properly recieved. There is also the matter of a certain time frame in my personal life which will soon make me unable to receive any packages for quite some time. So any help in reaching out to them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
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