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  1. I don’t rule it out but I doubt Wheatstone would’ve let something like this leave the factory (see photo attached of the closed bellows), but then again it’s extremely rare having to replace two entire action boards…. Yeah I think I’ve been too harsh there. I had a look a it again and few buttons tend to get stuck, but they eventually release out. That’s about it really!
  2. This is a very rare Wheatstone Maccann duet, 79 buttons (correct me if I miscounted) with raised metal ends. Not sure if it can be considered an “Aeola” but it is an 8-sided one, possibly one of the earliest Maccann duets of this size (serial number 24303). The lowest note is C2 and the highest is B6. It is being sold for restoration, it is hardly playable as it is right now, though the bellows themselves are in good condition. It has had a tough life, the photos speak for themselves. It would need a new action board as the original ones have been replaced with metal boards at some point. Could do with new frames too while we’re there… The rest of the components are there, including the aluminium-framed reeds (steel). The raised metal ends are not in bad condition. The left reed pan needs new gasket. It could be used as a source of spares, though given its rarity it’d be sad not to restore and bring it back to fully working order. It would have been a top-notch beast when it left the factory some 120 years ago. Unfortunately this would be quite an expensive job, hence I’m selling it (plus I’m not a duet player), but I’m sure someone will be willing to invest the necessary. Price is £600 + shipping. I’m located in South Yorkshire (UK) currently. I could consider a trade in for an steel-reeded english concertina. More photos available on private message. Thanks.
  3. I thought I’d put this up to make the community aware. I came across this beautiful old Scates on eBay UK and made an offer for it. Despite being for “collection only”, the seller agreed to send it to my address. After a few days of nonsense messages, he asks me to pay him £40 via bank transfer for postage!. Makes more excuses about not having received the funds into his account, when I was charged automatically after accepting my offer several days before!… next thing I know, he has relisted the same concertina, and now claims he has no money because he has just booked his holiday for later this year… Anyways, ebay is taking care of it now. But if anyone wants to bid on it be aware the seller is not one you’d want to deal with.
  4. Looking for an English Wheatstone for repair/restoration, ideally with steel reeds. Located in the UK.
  5. Few of valves for the lowest notes on this George Jones are glued down differently to the rest (i.e. with the tip facing outwards). This is only in the chambered side of the pan. Any particular reasons for it?
  6. Still for sale. On ebay too but would rather sell through the forum
  7. Please do send me a private message for more photos as uploading them here is a nightmare with the size restrictions
  8. This concertina has already been sold.
  9. This concertina is now sold. Thanks for looking
  10. Price reduced to £800 but still open to offers.
  11. ** NOW SOLD** Hi I’m selling this rosewood anglo Lachenal which has recently come into my possession from an antique shop. It is in original condition, unplayable and needing quite an intensive restoration. Seems to have been well used and abused throughout its life but luckily the reeds have not been destroyed and are in rather decent condition. The serial number is 157289, and the reed layout corresponds to that of a C/G model. I will let the photos speak for themselves but I’m happy to answer more questions and provide more photos privately. It comes with its hexagonal case. The asking price is £700 or nearest offer + shipping. Would prefer to ship within the UK only but might consider shipping abroad at the buyer’s expense. I accept PayPal and bank transfer. Located in Buckinghamshire. Thanks for looking.
  12. Left and Right hand (ignore the numbers).
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