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  1. Gary - is your Edgley still available? I’d be interested if it is.
  2. Just to say that this is still available and that I am open to sensible offers :)
  3. Thank you Christine - I will own another in time I'm sure - just need to get the finances sorted first
  4. The case is made by a chap in England called Simon Brock. You can view his stuff here - https://leatherforfolkies.co.uk/product-category/music/
  5. Just to give you an update, Simon has now made a fitted foot for the case which precisely fits the concertina and keeps the bellows nice and compressed now Thanks for the advice, on this - I am really really happy now!
  6. wayman - discourse is what moves us forward without your (and others) comments on the bellows, I would have been happily ignorant, thinking that the case was perfect, then in 20 years time, I would need new bellows as I hadn't been storing them properly compressed. I appreciate any comments.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback I really do appreciate it. Simon (the maker) actually contacted me after reading this thread and has come up with a plan to fully block the case so that these issues go away. That's the beauty of something handmade I guess - it can be updated easily by the person who made it! With regards to rigidity - the case is actually very stable as it uses thick leather and a very modern high density foam in combination. There is of course more give than plywood - but not enough to worry about. Buckle opening time? For me that is a bonus as it means my kids can't open it! That said Simon offers other fast close locks too - I requested buckles as I like the look of them
  8. It’s actually custom made to perfectly fit so no need for blocking The photo of the instrument in the case shows otherwise ... unless that's a photograph before the blocks were put in? The bellows are open, loose, and uneven. A properly-fit blocked case means the bellows are snugly closed, compressed, and even. Well I’m happy and it is snug. Perhaps some blocks for the back wouldn’t be a bad idea will order some and fit them myself
  9. It’s actually custom made to perfectly fit so no need for blocking
  10. I am an indoor/fair weather player so that doesn't bother me too much, but if I were to be a travelling concertina player, that would certainly be a consideration!
  11. You make a valid point, but there is a suede wrap inside that covers the concertina. I could have opted for a fully closed lid, but my budget maxed out!
  12. So after some months of waiting, my new case has arrived for my Wheatstone. I must say, the case is a really lovely thing, so I thought I would share photos. I purchased from Simon Brock, founder of http://leatherforfolkies.co.ukand can highly recommend him. The price was reasonable and everything is made by hand (even hand stitched) and Simon has a range of other case types available - even a hexagonal case should that take your fancy
  13. Proud to have been first to pledge Really looking forward to it
  14. I’ve followed much of your journey here Alex and I am so impressed it looks amazing. I can’t wait for instruments 2,3 and 4 now
  15. Thanks for sharing Gary Will add to my ever increasing list of tracks I need to learn
  16. Brilliant to hear you have found such a lovely concertina Rob, please do post videos and photos when you get a chance - I love to hear others play and see their 'babies' in action
  17. I did a lot of research into bellows papers and found that Dave Elliots papers are unbeatable. The quality of the paper is amazing and the design is printed in gold leaf (or something similar) instead of ink. You can buy them from here https://concertina-spares.com/product/premium-bellows-papers-by-david-elliott/?v=79cba1185463 Here's a sample from my Wheatstone -
  18. High praise indeed thanks for the comments. I put an awful lot of love into that little Tina and I hope she will serve me well for decades to come. The Lintoa has a lovely tone - very warm. One day I’ll find a truly skilled player near me and record it being played as it should be! Or perhaps I’ll keep going until I’m that skilled player!
  19. Thanks Adrian Right - high G on push, A on pull, left - C on push, A on the pull - I’ve yet to find a use for them to be honest!! I am still learning to read music, I learn to play with a combination of Gary coovers number technique and a keen ear. I wish I had stronger music theory as I’m sure it would help! Perhaps I’ll take a course one day!!
  20. Thanks Rob, yeah - Gary’s books are teaching me the ropes! I’ll get there in the end I’m certainly not very skilled yet, but it brings me great joy, and I’m taking things at my own pace
  21. The day has finally arrived! My Wheatstone Linota circa 1919 is finished! I restored all the woodwork and rebushed the buttons myself and then after a mishap with the bellows, I sent it away to Mark Lloyd Adey for a new set of 7 fold bellows to be made He also put it back into tune for me too. It has come back and looks and sounds stunning - i'm so excited I had to share! Here's a single couple of shots and you can view more at the link, here - https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0yGtnIORhILxg You can hear a quick recording here too - https://soundcloud.com/clevercode/wheatstone-linota-test
  22. Hi Steve, I realise that this post is over 18 months old now, but if you still need labels, I have managed to produce some of my own from an original that I'm very happy with. I have spares that I would happily mail to you if you wish.
  23. What a lovely thing. I wish I was in the market as this looks great. Hope it sells soon for you
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