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  1. Yess, I like this collection too! I'm learning Menuet "La Schene" 1.65 and think that this will be a long lasting "work in process" . Ciao Elke For those who are interested: Michael Möllers and other player in Dinker ( the first tune ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzmtyjTSsZg
  2. Mazurka a Clement was a proposal for TOTM in march but did not win . So it is my newest. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtkmpjbonyiq8bn/Mazurka%20a%20Clement.mp3?dl=0
  3. Last day of the month for the tunes ThOTM and the best way I can play it at this time. I put two records together, first is Paddy in London from The Concertina Diaries ( The Lilting Banshee ) and second Leaping Jack. https://www.dropbox.com/s/br8mbaxvt9nugq9/Paddy%20in%20London-Leaping%20Jack.mp3?dl=0 What can I do for a better rhythm 1-2-3-4-5-6 ?
  4. Thank you Wolf, for your advice, I'll try to play these notes longer now ! This time I put the whole tune in a notation programm and played a slowed down version while listening with headphone. But the recorded version was without this help. I really enjoyed to listen this version, but you named this only WIP , so I'm curious to hear the final version! Nice job Toffie. I started to try to do TOTM a few months after I started to play the concertina,about a year ago. It is a great teaching tool. I it makes me learn keys and chords and tunes that I would not normally seek out. Keep up the nice work. Hi Daria, thank you for your comment too! I think TOTM is a great challenge and motivation to keep on learning concertina. You started playing concertina only one year ago? It sounds like more years ! I hope that I'll be able to add a little bit accompaniment soon. Your new concertina sounds ( and looks ) great!
  5. And here is mine, same like last month: " Beginner, only melody, tips, comments, suggestions welcome !" https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl2ywx0nbhgexj2/Mets%C3%A4kukkia-TOTM.mp3?dl=0
  6. Hi Gary, I realy enjoy your book. I am playing concertina for just a several month and have to practise a lot. At last I learnt "You Are All I Have", that was very difficult for me, but now it sounds pretty good. We presented your book on KonzertinaNetz: (Bücher ) http://www.konzertinanetz.de/ Best wishes Elke
  7. Hi derekc, I was very amused, while reading your post ! The same happened to me ! That is exactly what I thougt and gave me the courage to post my record. I have really learnt al lot this month . Thank you and happy squeezing in february Elke
  8. Thanks to all to welcome me here in this forum and for your kind comments. I do not know how to place citations: Thanks you Geoff for your tip with tapping my foot ( or both feet ) in the right beat. I tried it sometimes before, but after a while my foot beat changed into my ( wrong ) concertina playing rhythm ! So I have to practise it more often or buy a Metronome. At the moment my steady beat depends also on: How fast do I find the right button ! Thanks to all Elke
  9. Hi all, I am concertina beginner since last summer. My concertina is a 30 button Clover C/G Anglo. I really enjoy to read in this forum and also about the TOTM during the last 3 month. May be that I am a little bit crazy to add my recording here, after listening to all the very professional played tunes above ( and Nigel Eaton posted something too )! But Jim wrote something about „feel free“ and „all level“ and so here is my first very, very, beginner attempt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s17ffqklipizyfs/Halsway-Schottische.mp3?dl=0 I would be happy to get some beginner tips so that my playing ( and my old school english ) will become better step by step. Elke
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