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  1. Henk: You're right...I'm quite torn. English seems easier to understand (same note in/out) but Anglo is somewhat less expensive and supposedly better to play by ear on...either way, I'm short on cash. The real problem is that I have no reference point toward what might be right for me. Until I figure that out, there's probably no point in pursuing an instrument that may be wrong for me... "The first step toward wisdom is the realization of how little you know". Greg
  2. I fear it is I who am confused. Let's face it, I haven't the foggiest notion what I'm doing yet. The Scholer I liked on ebay went for $125.51 plus s/h and insurance. In my opinion, too much for what it was. The mayfair has a day to go and is already over $150...when I can get a Jackie for $220. No real bargain there, either. Mr. Wikker wrote me yesterday and as I told him, it is beginning to look like I can't currently afford to buy anything even worth having. I'll look into liquidating some other instruments and see if I can raise more capital in the next few months. This will also allow me to be less "desperate" to buy ANY concertina on ebay! In the meantime, I'll just lurk and learn from the experts.... Greg
  3. While I realize the reliability of a new instrument, I find myself drawn to the older instruments...it's all part of being from a family of antique dealers, I suppose! If I don't get the Scholer, I'll pursue the Mayfair, and from there we'll see... Greg
  4. We appear to all be on the same page - Otsaku told me the same thing. I already fired off an e:mail to them inquiring as to used Jackies vs. new ones, etc. I'm also bidding on a vintage Scholer, and there's a newer Wheatstone Mayfair ending tomorrow, so all hope is not lost for a cheap box! I wouldn't know a good sound from a bad one, anyway as I am 100%, never even held one, clueless! Greg
  5. How much can I expect to pay? Used, but playable would be fine....
  6. Jim: It was an inexpensive "Morelli" English purchased from "ADeal4U" on ebay. They were great to work with and gave me a full paypal refund, including s/h money, so there's no monetary loss. I ran home like a kid on Christmas every day for a week, though, just to get the package. Unfortunately, it never came I'm watching a couple on ebay still, but THIS vendor is out of stock for a few months to come. I just wondered what ever happened to all those cheap Scholers and Stagis that everyone seems to have learned on...It's GOT to be cheap, though! I already owe the Fed hundreds in taxes this year! Greg
  7. I'm looking for a budget-minded deal on a beginner (student model?) EC. I need to spend less than $200. FedEx crushed the one I bought off ebay.... All help or advice is appreciated! Greg
  8. I bought a concertina from ebay....and FedEx crushed it at their loading dock! I wonder how bad that must have sounded?!?!?! Anyone have a VERY cheap beginner model EC to sell? Scholer, etc. nothing fancy! Greg
  9. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If it speaks in a wheezing monotone and keeps saying "Eliminate!" it may indeed be one....
  10. What a great idea! We should collect such photos into a museum page here! (Do you think the Guggenheim would host "The Art of the Concertina"?)
  11. Perhaps you should teach her the whistle...you could promote it as something that would draw you together by playing duets.
  12. Very interesting piece, ergonomically speaking...I'd like to try one laid out like that. I'll have to keep an eye out for one like it! Greg
  13. There are some beautiful women in French Canada, but they hardly have a monopoly. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've always believed that ALL women are beautiful, if you can just see what makes each special. That being said, I feel priveledged indeed to be married to my wife in particular! We went out for Chinese food last night, and celebrated St. Patrick's day by ordering green tea!
  14. Ah, Mark! I just clicked the link to your wife's website...what a beautiful and talented lady! It turns our we have that, at least in common; my wife is also from Montreal. There's just something about Canadian women!
  15. David - I think "HK" stands for Hong Kong, where she stated that she lived... Greg
  16. Mark: I feel the sme way. On the street where I work, we have a large "chain" Irish pub. They're holding concerts all day, there's giant tents already up, and the police had speed traps and sobriety check points already going up on my morning commute(6am!). Defintely an "amatuer night" for drinkers, and NONE of the bands play anything Irish! Greg
  17. My acquaintences (previously "friends") can't figure out why I want a concertina at all! The general responses run to "that's just geeky" to "why, do you think you're a pirate?" Aye, matey! Now pass me m'eyepatch!
  18. Alan: Have you considered having this CD available through this website, perhaps with a nominal percentage going to support Concertina.net? It may not net giant sales, but certainly would be a guaranteed set of sales (myself included!) I'm not great businessman, just a thought.... Greg
  19. Ridicule my tast all you like, but I ENJOY accordian music....especially Cajun and Quebecois music! Heck, my mother played accordian many years ago! Greg
  20. Is there any trdition of concertina-playing in Quebecois folk music? I see accordion, but that's about it. I'd be interested in any cd's, sheet music, etc. available! Thanks! Greg
  21. I hate to disagree, but I have had almost NO bad experinces with ebay. I frequently buy for my antiques business on it and I have a 100% feedback rating. In all that time, I have only had one bad product ( I was eventually given a refund) and one seller who broke the item while packing it, apologized and refunded my money. My big concern is my inability to play in the leagues of such well-heeled bidders as our "frank".... Greg PS- you can check my ratings and buys under "relcollect" on ebay. It is short for our family business "Relatively Collectible" began by my parents...
  22. Actually, I bid on a vintage Scholer, but it went to a price that left my lovely wife (the adult in the family, I'm afraid) in danger of developing a serious facial tic! So, since I'm a raw beginner and sound quality is of less importance to me than it is to most here, I purchased a new Morrelli brand English. I'm waiting for delivery in the next couple of days, and will post re: whether it's utter grot or a decently made beginner model. This posted question (like most I ask here) taught me a great deal, almost NONE of which I yet have any idea how to apply! The good news is I get so many informed opinions...the bad news is I get TOO many informed opinions! I'm still left sorting apples from oranges whilst never having actually held either! Hopefully I have not been too foolsih, but for the price I paid, it's fairly disposable down the road. Greg PS - I finally settled on an English, because the Anglo's seperate notes on push and pull intimidated me mentally! I'm going to be challenged enough already! Greg
  23. To further complicate this issue, I am an antiques dealer in the midwest, we use the term "vintage" to refer to almost any item with a "collectible" value that is more than 20 years old. As far as ebay is concerned, we (my family business and a few dealers we know well are all I can vouch for) use "vintage" in the description to differentiate the item from "new" or "contemporary" pieces in the same search catagory. I am not, however referring to concertinas specifically, but to antiques (100+ years) and collectibles in general, including motor vehicles. (I also repair "vintage" motorcycles, and rewire "vintage" electrical fixtures asa sideline!!) Greg
  24. I, too am in my thirties (37), bearded (a Van Dyke) and just beginning on concertina. Unlike Ashkettle, My other addictions is motorsports rather than videogames. I may actually fit in better w/ that crowd visually, as I am shaven-headed, pierced, tattooed, etc. I split my time between my 1973 Triumph TR6, my 1979 Triumph Bonneville 750, and my 1998 Harley SPortster 1200 w/ a big-bore kit... My quiet, suburban neighbors already hate me ! Wait until I practice outside this summer!
  25. If anyone out there has beginner-level recorder books, tutorials or sheet music that they've outgrown or don't need, I'd be interested in it! My wife is picking up the recorder after 22 years of disuse, and any (preferably inexpensive) material would be helpful! Thanks! Greg
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