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  1. Come to The George Inn (with your Anglo) on Nov 5 Monday, 20,00 to 2300 just 100 yards from London Bridge. Will be various people who can advise. Do you know the 17 bus or is yr "North" London like up the M1/AL!? There should also be some concertina people (but mainly English not Anglo_ at The Horseshoe Inn behind the hospital at London Bridge (Melior St I think_)from 1200 to 1500 on Sunday Nov 4th. May be it is time to start a regular gathering of beginners and intermediates who can make lots of mistakes together and start learning a few toons ensemble, meeting somewhere accessible in central london near a tube. It could be the Euston Station Piazza in the bus stand, or perhaps someone's garden shed. I am not sure what the deal is on Friends House for cheap or free rooms - oppositre Euston. ps what Anglo have you got? Hi there! I work in London Bridge so that's great! I bought a 20 button Palatino just to start me off. Hopefully I'll make a few contacts at the George. I can't believe noone officially teaches (that I can find anyhow!). I'm going to have to channel my self-discipline in learning this instrument!
  2. Hi, I've not been playing anglo long compared to other instruments, but I'm close to north London (South Herts) and I feel like the only concertinist in my town.. If I can help you learn anything I have learned ask away. Thanks for the offer. I need more technical help initially...any advice would be much appreciated. I feel like I'm the only one in London at the moment!
  3. Welcome to the concertina world and these forums. This group may be of interest to you (details from the concertina FAQ - concertina.info):- Chiltern Concertina Group Meets once a month at Maulden Contact Jon McNamara on Church Hall in Bedfordshire on 01279 656664 Sundays. Has 20 or more attendees. Email best wishes John Wild Thank you John! Bedfordhshire's a little bit far out for a regular trip but perhaps on occasions when I'm more confident. Thanks for the contact as well.
  4. Hi there, I've just bought my first concertina having been inspired by a solo perfomer. Just one problem...I can't find a tutor to set me on my musical journey! Please can anyone recommend a tutor, or a musician who's willing to help me gather apace on my 20 button anglo concertina. I'm based in London (north). Cheers in advance!
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