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I have scanned my copy of Regondi's tutor "New Method for the Concertina", and uploaded it to my webpage here


I think this is a great book so I have made it available to anyone who wants it.


That is so lovely of you!


When I was looking for a copy a few weeks ago, Allan Atlas very kindly sent me a photocopy in the post - but this wiill make it much more accessible for more people.


The exercises are well worth working on, imho.


Thanks heaps,



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Many thanks Nanette - this is very generous of you.


I also enjoyed looking at the pictures of your splendid concertinas - do you have a favourite? I, too, have Lachenel and Wheatstone intruments and enjoy them for different reasons: the Edeophone as it's such a looker and for it's sweet tone, particularly on single note tunes; the Aeola for it's playability and juicy chord playing, and my 48 key Wheastone as it was my 21st birthday from my late grandfather - so that's very special too!


I look forward to getting my fingers round Regondi's exercises! :)



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