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  1. A really impressive list Daniel. I’m working with Colin Whyles on a short film for World Concertina Day which includes a symphonion solo! We’ve also made a fascinating link between the instrument and some Victorian sheet music.
  2. Many thanks Jim. Fascinating information. I've never seen a bass-baritone in the flesh (in the bellows??). I believe that's what Juliette Daum plays and it's the only other bass-baritone I've ever seen. There can't be many people who own one.
  3. So did I Mike! Does anyone have an idea how you might describe the large Aeola? Apologies that the photo isn't clearer, but it was the best screen grab I could get of a fleeting view.
  4. Hello C'Netters. Following a request from the British Film Music Encyclopedia to the ICA, I asked on facebook for information relating to Billy Reilley, or the tune he is playing in the 1938 film Devil's Rock. Devil's Rock was the first film to be made in Northern Ireland, it also featured an all Northern Irish cast. About 25 minutes into the film there is a concert in which the miniature English Concertina is played - possibly by Billy Rielley. Does anyone know anything about the player, or the tune he is playing? The clip can be found at the link below. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-devils-rock-1938-online Many thanks for your help. Jeremy
  5. Hello all, Yes, on behalf of the ICA Committee I would be very happy to receive a copy of these recordings. Many thanks. librarian@concertina.org. I recall meeting Kenneth Lovelace in 1976. I'd be about 10. My father took his picture which I have posted here before. Regards, Jeremy.
  6. Hi - Geoff Crabb helped me out by naming all the people in this early ICA picture. Donald Pullen is seated on the right. Is this your concertina?
  7. @ Mike - I have owned a Barnett and Samuel and Sons, Lachenal Concertina. You may know this already, but this company eventually became Decca. http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Barnett_Samuel_and_Sons Regards, Jeremy
  8. Hi John, My understanding is that the sound archive is with Chairman Jon McNamara. - only Jon would know whether this recording is amongst the others he has. I'll drop him an email. Jeremy
  9. Looking forward to it Mikefule - see you there. Jeremy
  10. Hi, I think that I've mentioned this before but the Welsh and Scottish melodies were arranged by celebrated band leader and keen concertina player, Henry Hall. The descriptive selection "On Sunday Morn", by my late grandfather Herbert Hague. This is the tutor I learned from and I the first piece I could really play on the concertina was the Largo in G - actually a reproduction from one of Charles Arthur Rawlings books, I think. (a.k.a. Faulkner Brandon,Theo Bonheur, Oscar Verne etc.)
  11. The ICA may well be interested in this music. While it has a significant collection of concertina music- the world's largest? - we are also keen to add to it and there may be music here we don't have. In the last year or so, I've sent around 1000 pages of digitised music to members, so it does get used. I've sent you a PM, Regards, Jeremy
  12. Thanks very much to Valmai and Bryan Creer for helping the ICA organise this exciting event in Lewes this weekend. Below is a slightly revised timetable if you think that you will be around in Lewes area on Sunday afternoon and fancy meeting Miho Tohmatsu (of Toyko duo Mipo Macky), Miyuki Miura and double bass player Mao Yamada perform "Almandine", Miyuki's latest composition and CD. Other Japanese concertina players and musicians will be joining them too. 1.30 Introductions 1.45 - 3.15 Miyuki Part 1 (Japanese songs) + Q&A session about concertina playing and music in Japan + tune swapping 3.15 Coffee / beer 3.35 - 4.45 More tune swapping and if people want to play their 'party pieces' 4.45 short break / beer 5.00 - 5.30 Miyuki Part 2 (Performance of Alamadine composition with double bass player ) 5.30- 6.30 Final tunes, photographs etc. Hoping to see a few of you on Sunday. Jeremy
  13. Hi Theodore, Yes, it was a collection of Chemnitzer music so, regrettably, not the kind of music we collect in the ICA library. Regards, Jeremy
  14. The International Concertina Association invites you to a: UK-Japanese Music Exchange English Concertina player and teacher Miyuki Miura is visiting the UK in June with other Japanese musicians. Come along, share some tunes and hear Miyuki and upright bass player Mao Yamada perform both Japanese songs and original music from the stunning new CD Almandine. Sunday 30th June 2013, 1.30 - 6.30 p.m. (Lunch is available in the pub from noon) Elephant & Castle, White Hill, Lewes BN7 2DJ For bookings and enquiries please email librarian@concertina.org The ICA is grateful for the support of Lewes Saturday Folk Club and Concertinas Anonymous
  15. I too was looking forward to seeing Peter at Swaledale, What Dirge hasn't mentioned is that he made a splendid - and very moving - tribute to Peter by playing Nimrod at the Sunday afternoon concert. Peter was quite a character and I will miss his posts. Jeremy
  16. On a visit to Lahania a couple of years ago, I found a Wheatstone English Concertina in the Baldwin House museum. If I remember rightly the serial number was 19709 - 1879. Jeremy
  17. Sussed it - sort off. When using my ipod it defaults to the mobile version which just doesn't work for me. If I switch to the full version I can read posts and new content as usual. If anyone finds a fix for this, please let me know. Thanks Jeremy
  18. iPod 4th generation - I think - and have the latest software installed. The 'new content' button never works and most individual discussion themes don't work either. I tried downloading the forum app but couldn't get it to recognise concertina.net It's fine on a PC when I can get to one. Thanks Jeremy
  19. Hi I mainly access c.net from my iPod but I am struggling to access most discussions with a 'fatal error' message being displayed. It tells me I logged in. Is anyone else having this problem ? Jeremy
  20. Might depend on what kind of "concertina" it's for. If it's for the English, that would be very interesting. If it's that many arrangements for anglo, it would be a find, indeed! But I suspect -- especially if it's mostly polkas and waltzes -- that it's arrangements for the Chemnitzer concertina. In that case, I don't know how interested the ICA would be, but concertina.net member Ted Kloba would likely be able to advise. Hello, It sounds an interesting find. Yes the ICA would be interested in the music if it's arranged for English, Duet or - indeed Anglo (!). I've sent a PM. Jeremy librarian@concertina.org
  21. lots in the ICA members' library! librarian@concertina.org Jeremy
  22. Hello Robin,

    Lovely instrument - I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering how much you are thinking of. Of course, you will be looking for the highest offer, but if you go to ebay where do you think that you would want to start the bidding?



  23. Thanks Bellowbelle. I believe this was the original music that Phil Hopkinson used for his book. It came to the ICA Library fairly recently from the estate of Reuben Shaw, who collaborated with Phil in compiling the anthology. Thanks also to Roger and David. The original file was 2.09 MB, above the limit of 1.95MB allowed by the c.net software. My MS picture editor would enable me to compress to a maximum size of 308K (at which stage the image was flipped - apologies). I would like to experiment posting music which can be printed from on-line forums (fora?) such as facebook, but I think I will need to find a different way to compresing and getting the appropriate resolution as you describe. Anyway, your advice is appreciated. Jeremy
  24. Sorry - no good. If anyone can please tell me at what resolution I need to post a decent copy of some music I would be grateful. I think I may be due for a software upgrade in any case.
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