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Collapsing Bellows

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I've just picked up another used Bastari 30-b of unknown history; probably 3rd or 4th hand by now. Problem: since reed response is sluggish, it takes a lot of air (not an unreasonable amount, however) to get them to speak, but sometimes the bellows, worn and soft, just implode.

Can the current bellows be rehabilitated or is it time to replace them?

Is this a job for amateurs or should I consult further with those who are more experienced?

Thanks, Robert.

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I thought bellows were supposed to collapse! (Just thought I'd say that before Jim did ;) )


Quite honestly, though others may disagree, I think you'd be better off with another concertina. Bastaris weren't designed to last, sadly.



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Years ago I met a busker on a ferry in Seattle with that problem, but it didn't seem to hinder him much. In his case the bellows were collapsing inward on the draw. I suggested he make a frame, or frames, of coat hanger wire to insert in the fold(s) inside. Don't know if it worked, since I never saw him again.



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