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Playing by candlelight


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I think you'd need eyes like a hammerhead shark to play by looking at the ends!

Technically, that wouldn't work, either. ;)

The hammerhead's eyes are nicely separated, but they look outward, not inward, which would be needed to see the concertina's ends. :(


It was many years ago, when Alistair Anderson gave a "workshop" for all comers:

Lisa had had her concertina for only a couple of weeks, and as she tried to play it, she looked with concentration at her fingers and the buttons... on the one end. Alistair said, "If you don't need to look at the buttons on the other end, then why do you need to look at the buttons on this end?" She stopped trying to look at either end, and her playing immediately improved.

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a word of warning regarding this subject

someone (who i tend to trust) once said

everytime you light a cigarette with a candle a sailor will not return from sea.

so if you feel compelled to smoke while playing by candlelight, please refrain from lighting up with you light source.



Sheeesh... That stinks for the sailors. Who made up that silly rule anyway? And who is enforcing it? Must be those cigarette companies; up to no good again. Dang! :o



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