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  1. LDT, It appears that in a short while you will reach 1000 posts to this forum...in less than a year. Heres to the next thousand posts where, perhaps, you will realise that no one plays as well as they would like to. Just get on with it and enjoy your playing and your learning. You will soon have your new instrument. It will make a lot of difference in your playing, but it wont be magic. The magic is in you. Stop complaing how bad you are and keep looking for the magic. We are all looking for it too. Its right at your fingertips. fjb
  2. How about: Q: What's the definition of "perfect pitch" when it comes to a concertina? A: When it doesn't hit the sides of the dumpster! or when it lands on the melodion fjb
  3. It is the same people...day job, spam police....night job...pirate....its the perfect job security. FJB and I thought some nice person had sent me a special note too... waaaa
  4. I only attended one of the Squeeze-ins, so forgive me for being so bold, but.... It seems that the entire weekend would be a tribute to Rich in some way. It might be nice to have some continuity and keep the possesional tune from years past. FJB
  5. Well that comment made me realize that our weekly session, started in 1999, has gotten together somewhat over 500 times. Cripes, thats historic...I will have to mention it tomorrow night at the session. There is a session in Portsmouth New Hampshire, at the Press Room, that has been going for over thirty years. Started by Tom Hall if I have my facts straight. Now thats something! FJB
  6. I have never learned to spell proprely. I can not read music...I have tried...for twenty years. I do many other things well and I celebrate those things. We are all different...and its a good thing. fjb
  7. I had a Stagi English....Now I have the Morse... I feel the same way. I love it. Fjb
  8. A Poem by Les Barker.. Arnold was an armadillo and oh so in need of romance and it chanced that one Saturday evening Arnold went to a dance The minute he walked in the room He saw her, as if he had known she’d be there, by the side of the stage all he wanted, all in black, all alone, She was there, she was his, dressed to kill, oh if only his glasses were cleaner . . . He was an armadillo She was a concertina He struggled to make conversation He leap-frogged from topic to topic**** If only she’d say something back . . . If only he weren’t so myopic Bright silver buttons in rows From head down to toes in black leather . . . Could this beauty love him? “Here goes,” Arnold thought, “It’s now or never!” He could picture her head on his pillow He had loved her the moment he’d seen her He was an armadillo She was a concertina You can’t help but feel for the lad, oh how happy poor Arnold would be if they could make love in the shadows and no one, but no one, would see Alas, what he hoped might have been a Sweet secret was soured completely Sex---- with a concertina is rarely accomplished discreetly The dancers stopped stripping the willow it was oh such a loud misdemeanor He was an armadillo She was a concertina Picture love as a kind of concerto *** Poor Arnold, his first was unfinished For what let everyone who was there know A very loud C sharp diminished **** Ompa.. Someone said, “Look, its Arnold,” And he ran from their scorn and their laughter into the darkness outside and never was seen ever after *** Tales of lost love and dreams unfulfilled, oh Cruel Cupid, you’ve never been meaner He was an armadillo She was a concertina.
  9. I have always played in Em. I don't know if that is how Mr. O'Carolin wrote it, but its how I learned it. fjb
  10. I made wooden baffels for my Morse English. I like the sound better now, quieter and more mellow. It was a lot of work to get the thin boards installed...so they can be removed at anytime, but I wont take them out. I like them. Fjb
  11. I would like to think that the dudes father is happy knowing that its being loved and played. I want my fiddle in a good friends hands... when I am done with it... and not before. fjb
  12. I was surprised too...as I don't really like music or practicing. lol! I've ordered a Tedrow concertina.....and the waiting for a new concertina I find excruciatingly painful as I'm so used to buying stuff and getting it arrive almost the next day. Its very hard to resist sending a email every day saying 'is it ready yet?'. Oh wow, thats great news. It will make a huge differnce. Have you played a Tedrow? I went from a Stagi to a Morse English...It was like playing a cloud. My fingers dont hurt anymore, no mater how much I play. FJB
  13. It's moonlight refracting off pockets of swamp gas. Its nothing to worry about. Return to the safety of your homes, there's nothing more to be seen here. ..............
  14. Octave strings on that fiddle? I try to break up the bellows pull push a bit more than you are showing. What you are doing works fine, and that is what I do sometimes but other times I break the phrase into words, if you know what I mean. FJB
  15. After all its about the journey, not just the destination. Right? FJB Hi FJB I disagree. While it might be a nice quote, it would not be a good thing to just go wandering aimlessly without a road map to follow. Isn't that what lessons, and instructions are for? Thanks Leo Ok Leo, your right of course, I have a ton of goals, new tunes, old tunes smoother, being able to sing with the fiddle on my hip, that sort of thing. But, what I meant was its not just about the destination. "Gee this sure will be fun when I am as good as I want to be, but until then it sure is drudgery and misery." If "practice" wasn't enjoyable for me I probably wouldn't do it, but from day one on the concertina its been great fun. The fiddle was harder because it was my first instrument, although once I learned to tune it and hold it decently its been fun. I am enjoying the ride and I tell my students, and anyone else who might listen, to relax with the instrument and enjoy how good you are at the current moment and, at the same time, work to be a little better in the next moment. Randy fjb
  16. After all its about the journey, not just the destination. Right? FJB
  17. Is there any Anglo player out there who could take one of LDT's videos and re-play the tune for her, slower, slower, slower, showing some right lefthand fingering, maybe with a diologue on emphases on certain notes might be helpful...that sort of thing. Lets get this young player grooving.. FJB
  18. LDT You might re-consider what appears to be an over-use of the word "can't." It seems to me from all your video posting that, indeed, you "do", better each time. I would wager that you CAN sing, regardless of what anyone else has told you. And, you know, whistling takes some effort to get going, and some time spent, but, as Pete Seeger sings, "as in life and revolution, rarely there's a quick solution. Anything worthwhile takes a little time. I say take your time..... Stop telling yourself what you cannot do and enjoy all that you can do, and are learning to do. Randy Fjb
  19. Someone might check this one...looks good to me. Might be legit.?.? Lachenal Concertina - £500 (London) http://london.craigslist.co.uk/msg/977618139.html
  20. Maybe your could play it in space..then it'd be weightless. Whooh! Playing in space.... Now that would be cool. Actualy now that I think of it, it would be quite cold...-270 Kalvin I think. (I need a shivering smily face thingy here.) fjb
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