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Buttons, Buttons, And More Buttons


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I play a 30 button C/G Anglo concertina with a Jeffries Layout.


If I purchase a 38 button C/G Anglo with a Jeffries layout e.g. made by Suttner...........what problems can I expect to encounter if I try to play the same tune on both concertinas?


If one learns the additional alternate keys/fingerings for a 38 button concertina, does that cripple you from playing well on a 30 button?


I would imagine, or I would think, that the additional 8 buttons, increases flexibility in selecting which notes to play depending on the demands of the tune.


Have there been any previous discussions addressing this issue? Where can I go to read more?



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I have a Suttner 30 key, and an older instrument that is 38 key. You should find it very easy to go back and forth between the two. You might notice a small alignment issue when you first get the 38 key. Mentally you think of the first finger fitting over the first button, whereas a 38 key your C nat, or G/A ( C row) are second button. When I pick up anyone's instrument it takes a split second to adjust. I notice a bigger problem if going from Wheatstone fingering to Jeffries, not having the second right hand C# is what gets me. If you play in A or some variant of E you may use the buttons, but almost any tune for ITM should be playable with practice on a 30 keyed instrument.

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