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New Guy Questions ?

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One person here did point out that he tended to alter his breathing when playing the concertina to match the notes, as if he were still huffing and puffing on a harmonica.


I think a lot of people did that when they started out, irrespective of whether or not they played harmonica. Most manage to break the habit fairly quickly.


Concertinas and harmonicas are both based on the Richter scale.


I thought the Richter scale was for measuring earthquakes. Still, I can see a connection ... :lol:


Anglos are made in particular keys (most commonly C/G), and although they can play in other keys they are most comfortable in those most closely related to the home keys. This is particularly true if you want to play chords as well as melody, since not only does the logic* of the keyboard break down as you move away from the home keys but the chances of finding all the notes you want to play at once in the same bellows direction gets increasingly remote. As Chris says, most of us get around this by buying even more concertinas - EC players have to work harder at finding an excuse for this :lol:


As you are a harmonica player then I think you'd find the anglo fairly intuitive. However if you want to play chromatic music or in lots of different keys then EC or Duet may be more suitable.


*yes, there is one in there somewhere

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