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Wheatstone 48 Key English Treble With Nautical History


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FOLKS: as far as i know, there are six victorian concertos for the concertina. . . . .


two each by Molique and Regondi


one by D'Alquen


one by a fellow named Bosen



in addition, D'Alquen arranged some of Regondi's guitar music for solo piano. . . . . . . . .in all, he was a fellow of some note in the mid-nineteenth century..................


at the big regondi bash that we had at the CUNY Grad Center some two years ago, we had D'Alquen's arrangement of one of the guitar pieces played back to back with the original. . . . .


and please note: the private hands in which the D'Alquen manuscript is now held ARE NOT MY OWN.............allan

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hi alan

have emailed you back :)


:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Hi Folks

just to let you all know I am now the owner of Monsieur D'Alquen's Wheatstone. Scoopet could not have been more helpful. Brilliant ! ( and through the contact on Concertina.net it saved me from having to deal with eBay, even more brilliant! )

Alan - happy concertinist

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