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Wicklow Hornpipe Played By Marcus


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Hi everyone,

Bear with me - this is the first tune I've recorded and apparently cameras make me nervous! There's a couple of misatakes but generally I'm happy with it. I hope you enjoy



Hi Marcus,


Not at all bad for a first recording. It does get easier, although my personal feeling is that it's harder to play for a recording than for an audience. In a "live" performance, to an audience, you can get away with a lot, but any type of recording is a "snapshot", potentially to be captured for all time.


In the recordings which I've recently done, I've found that if I just forget what I'm doing, and play, it comes out fine. If I start thinking about any aspect of my playing, that's when the hesitation, or errors, start to creep in.


Hopefully you'll post some more.




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