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New Anglo Concertina Dvd

Frank Edgley

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Announcing a new teaching DVD by yours truly. This is a series of lessons on DVD, covering the basics of holding the instrument, basic scales, simple tunes, gracenoting (cuts), other embellishments, and chords. This is a professionally produced DVD, which should be of value to anyone wanting to learn to play the anglo concertina, especially, but not exclusively, for Irish music. It also includes a small booklet. Eighteen chapters. It could also be used in conjunction with my tutor book and CD. Contact Frank Edgley at edgley@concertinas.ca . It is also available from the Buttonbox. :rolleyes:

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Hello, I am really interested in this DVD, price is high but I don't mind if the teaching and information is valuable for me

Unfortunately, I don't find many information...help ! :-)

Reading this thread, I know now there are some embellishment which is what I am looking for.

But I am curious about the tunes, can anyone provide the list of tune in that DVD ?


Thank you for your help !

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