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Two Buttons With One Finger?


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Do you happen to know if the Salvation Army still uses concertinas?

They do but there are few players compared to times past. mostly the concertinas were replaced by brass bands. As far as I know in the U.K. there is one concertina band, and one concertina quartet, plus a few individual players here and there.

I know there are still a few in Sweden, since Göran has mentioned them, but they don't play concertina on the street anymore, only in private get-togethers.


I approached the Savation Army here in Denmark and was told that there was one person, in a different part of the country, who might know something about concertinas, though they don't think he himself plays.


I'm afraid that if concertinas once replaced brass bands in the SA, they subsequently gave way to the bands, again. Since then, however, the bands seem to have largely given way to loudspeakers and recorded music. And when I asked some SA bell ringers with their Christmas pot in Anacortes, WA (USA) about concertinas, they said they weren't even SA members, but volunteers from one of the local churches. Hard times!

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I doubt if the Salvation Army still uses concertinas.  Wouldn't there be a lot more Crane players and other resources around if they did?

Be aware that while the Sally Army promoted the "Triumph" system, they supported all sorts of concertinas. I have their tutor for the English concertina, and a photocopy of an "ANGLO-GERMAN AND ENGLISH CONCERTINA TUTOR", as well as their Triumph tutor.


It is hard to imagine a trumpet being squeezed  ;) out by a concertina.

Easier for me to imagine than a trumpet squeezing a concertina. :)

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I don't know if I've ever actually heard a Salvation Army Band. Here in Massachusetts, they have lots of stores, and I have seen a few worship centers, but....? Musical doings? I'll have to ask my father if he's heard of any. I know that, somewhere, I do have a very old hymn book from the Salvation Army.


Why I mention my father is because he the pastor of a small Baptist church near here, but, that doesn't necessarily mean anything specifically as far as my own beliefs, or my own particular 'opportunities,' or whatever, go. He does go into at least one local nursing home to minister, and my old accordion teacher used to go with him and play. I do remember a few times when I went along, as well as some other people, to play/sing, years ago. (I've also been employed by one of the nursing homes, a few times, in other capacities!)


But, of course, being in that kind of family makes some people hate you and some think they love you. Or, they just think all kinds of whatever. It's not always easy....can be slightly like being an irreputable criminal, sometimes. Oh well!


Though I enjoy the 'spiritual' types of hymns/songs that I arrange for concertina simply because I'm familiar with them, I can't even easily play in any church or in any religious capacity...can be frustrating...too hard to explain it all...but, anyway, I have 'church' with my parakeets or with the cats!


So, if I play my concertina and use my Sally Army book (if I find it), then....maybe I'll be on my way....

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At least back in the early 90's there was a Salvation Army training camp in New York state that I would pass between Syracuse and the music museum in Deansboro. Maybe somebody there would know something about concertinas. (I picture the trainees running across logs and climbing cargo nets with their concertinas in their teeth :D )


-Eric Root

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