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Hope Springs Eternal ...

Chris Timson

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Alas, I'm not located in Australia, so I won't bother to bid. I would have been willing to go up to at least 15,000 Aus$.



Seriously, the poor guy appears to have re-listed, after the first auction was spoiled by the questions/comments on the auction page. (Is that an option now on eBay, that your Q&A get posted on the page?). Based on the answers he gave the first time around, it looks like he is seriously hoping to get a buyer. With zero feedback combined with the ridiculous price and the buyer restricted to an Australian address, if the seller really does know what he has I don't think that his opinion of his fellow countrymen's is very high!




Seriously, the poor guy appears to have re-listed [...]


Sorry, my mistake. The seller actually has two concertinas for sale, both at the reasonable price of 12,000 Aus$. Oddly, neither concertina has attracted a single bidder.

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