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Attributions For Arrangements and Transcriptions

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One of the things taught to me by every mentor I've been fortunate to have is to make sure to give proper recognition to the composer, arranger, or influence or all of the above.

Recently I performed my arrangement of Mill Lane by Ron Harbron. When introducing the tune I attributed Ron with the tune and how I came about arranging and playing it.

Another example is my version of Scott Joplin's The Entertainer. My arrangement is based on two other arrangements: one by Boris Matueswitch and the other by Itzhak  Perlman. Both received attribution in an online concert I did a few years ago.

I think it's important to mention the person(s) who influenced the music you're playing especially if you're borrowing their ideas and music.

Just saying... 

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I totally agree with Randy. I always tell people who want to use my music, "Feel free to use it, no charge, just give me credit for the composition". And I try to do the same with any music I perform even if its a version of a version of a version of the original.

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I operate at a much lower point down the food chain than either of the posters (so far), but I agree.


My 'Master' ABC tune book contains many transcriptions by other people, and I always try and include an acknowledgement in my (usually slightly) edited version of their transcription(s). This can be as simple as a reference by name, or a reference to a web page, or even a recommendation to 'buy the book' (free advertising - it can't get better than that!). Sometimes the transcription is so old and beat-up that there is no recognisable/usable 'identification'.


Anything I post publicly will also have any tune which includes the word 'copyright' or a copyright symbol filtered out.


What I don't do is post other folks' email addresses - I edit them out of everything I do...


I don't always include the acknowledgement in the score - scores are busy enough already, but I admit being a little uneasy about that particular point...

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