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Tenor-Treble setting of 2 previously posted tunes

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I previously posted Isla's Lullabye for Treble EC & David Cornell's Duet version of my Nocturne #2. Here is my reworking of both on my 64-button Tenor-Treble from Barleycorn which has the unique advantage of being extended an octave both up & down so that it fingers exactly like a Treble or Baritone. I rewrote the Nocturne to use the full range of this concertina & dropped Isla's Lullabye down by a 5th. I do not have these versions transcribed, so sorry, none of the usual pdf, midi, or xml files available. If you notice the edit/splicing on the video of the Nocturne, it was due to too many incoming phone calls during recording, sorry. But enjoy the listening nonetheless:


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