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Recap, concertinas at the Palestine Old Time music weekend

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A wonderful weekend at the Palestine Texas old time music festival, with our concertina workshops. Many thanks to Ann Droney Kirrane, Frank Edgley, and Gary Coover (hailing from County Galway, Ontario, and Honolulu, respectively) for leading workshops, and for Ann and the Belles of Bell Harbour (including Maria Terres and Amy McFarland from Milwaukee and Mary Grace O'Neil from Boston) for providing some great Irish music and song amidst the many fabulous old time musicians. Besides Ann's concertina playing, each of the Belles is learning concertina on the side (their main instruments being fiddle, keyboard and flute), so concertinadom continues to grow...


It was our largest of these concertina workshops within the larger Old Pal festival, with 19 concertinists including the instructors. Attached are some snapshots of the fun. Come join us next year! 






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