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Understanding cuts.

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Hello everyone, my names Adam, I’m from East Kentucky and I’m coming to concertina from fiddle. I’m a (self taught) Irish fiddler, therefore there are a few things about correct ornamentation that I’m unsure about. So my conundrum is….if I’m separating two A notes with a cut do I sound the A first then cut it or does the cut happen right before the A? I can make it sound right both ways but looking at notation the B is in between the two A’s, so that seems to mean to play the cut after the main note?! I’ve been watching Jack Taltys video lessons and honestly He play the cuts so fast that I’m not sure which button he’s hitting first…So could someone help me with this before I get into a bad habit.. Many thanks 🙂.

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Yes, if you are separating two pull A notes on the C-row with a cut, you play the first note and then cut into the second generally using a note that would sound using the same bellows direction, for example using the B on the pull on the right C row index finger.

You can also cut directly into a note by do exactly the same thing, just omitting the part where play the first note.


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