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20-button Lachenal C/G baritone Anglo


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Hey everyone!


It is time for me to part with my beloved Lachenal baritone. I Purchased this from barleycorn Concertinas a few years ago.  I acquired the instrument to study it and better understand how baritone concertinas are made. Having achieved that end, it’s time for this instrument to find a new home, where it will be given the love and attention it deserves. 


It plays very well for its age, though I did end up making one or two little adjustments/repairs during its time in my possession. That being said, this instrument is likely over 100 years old and as such is very much an as-is sale.


Only asking what I paid for it (or considerably less with all this inflation!), $2150+S/H.  Hopefully you’ll get as much joy from it as I have😊😊




Ps. Link to a video of the instrument in action 👇





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