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Seeking English System Teacher Northern Tasmania

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I've been learning the English Concertina for about 18months. Partly by myself, and partly with a tutor via Zoom in the UK. My tutor is wonderful but I'd like to learn with someone in person and maybe learn to play in a session. I've only ever really played with Youtube.


I'm an ex-Morris dancer so like English tunes used for Morris, Irish and Scottish music as well. Am open to a wide array of styles and tunes.


Pleas email me ms.nadia.lanos@gmail.com if you are or can put me in touch with someone.





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Wow, Tasmania! Sorry, but it’s just, you know, the other side of the world.


I have no idea if there are many concertina players in Tasmania or sessions with or without concertinas. Good luck with your pursuit and let us know what you find.


I know that @Steve Wilson is in Australia and teaches the English system.



I don’t know where in Australia or he is how easy it is to travel between where you are and where he is.


I am a Morris musician and am interested in much the same kind of music you are.

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