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Lachenal repair?

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Another experienced tech in the US is Bob Snope at the Button Box in Mass. (which is still doing repairs, just no retail or manufacturing). Last week he gave me a place in the repair queue which he said he'd probably get to "in December."


I'm guessing someone here who has been in touch with Greg lately will chime in.



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Big shout out to all who are repairing, fixin' and fettlin'! You are gems. Thank You.

I have had a couple of concertina's nuanced by Bob Snope over the last couple of years...transformative work done, that helped me stay 'keen'... and changed unplayable to lovely instruments.

This thread is apropos to 'another' regarding 'apprenticeships'....what are we gonna do going forward? Those skilled

craftsmen are thin on the ground.

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