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Etude Exercise Studies by Henry Schradieck

Randy Stein

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So this topic is primarily for EC players who enjoy reading music and practicing using more classical oriented resources.


I periodically take a lesson with a friend who plays violin in the Air Force Chamber Orchestra. Often discussions revolve on specific pieces of music and how bowing and phrasing mirror what I want to do on the EC. Recently I discussed how I was using some scale studies of Carl Flesch and adapting them for the EC for both my warm ups and students. He suggested that a better fit might be the books of Henry Schradieck (1846-1918). 

Having purchased all three of Schradieck's  books on scale studies I concur. Book 1 helps a violinist with fingering and position. It is a great resource for a beginner/intermediate EC player to concentrate on phrasing and fingering. Book 2 on double stops and droning. Book 3 is dedicated to bowing techniques but on EC will introduce complicated scales and arpeggios in major and minor harmonic and melodic scales as well as chromatics and studies in octave, thirds, sixth, and tenths.

So, maybe this is all a bit esoteric for some (or most) but his way of introducing a study with reinforcement is quite effective. 

Do not let the fact that it's written in 16th notes and has some studies in key signatures with 4 or 5 sharps and flats. It is a wonderful practice and playing development resource.  




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Question: Online I find a 3-volume "School for Violin Technics" and I also find (IMSLP) a volume titled "Complete scale studies for the violin".  Which of these are you referring to in your post?  Thanks for your help.

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I purchased all three in one compilation.

Books 2 & 3 are probably for more experienced players. 


School For Violin Technics: Complete Books 1-3 And Complete Scale Studies (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics, 2090) 

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