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Concerto in C major; VIVALDI.

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I have always liked this music - I had been looking to try this out for many weeks until I came across this copy a few days back. Although intended, originally, for a Mandolin, it works surprisingly well on concertina; it isn't without  a few technical challenges such as characteristic repeated notes, [semi-demi quavers popping up now and again]  and some slightly awkward passages [on Anglo] where the alternative note rows seem essential, but it is quite rewarding to play.  First movement only here [ on my attempt]. Several takes spliced together eventually got me there!



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Easier on a 40 button? I am not sure; but imagine that you would get a few more choices in button, and possibly alternative fingering that may, or may not make it easier.

My 30 button type at least gives alternative choices, or duplicate notes to use for more awkward bits!.. ( three G natural  notes, for example).. It would always present a few challenges; of course not really being meant for concertina to begin with.

And is interesting because being meant for mandolin.. it has many short ( stabbing) little notes too.

That makes it interesting to.attempt to play on something completely different. There's many repetitive motifs that need right hand little finger use also.


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I am uncertain about 40 buttons myself, there is a stubborn part of me that wants to find out how far I can take the 30 button first, always interested in others opinions though.


Was that octave G at the beginning? Short repeated note like that are difficult on the harp too, so it is played with enharmonic notes, 2 strings tuned to the same pitch, which is also like the choice on the concertina. Is it possible that by using the alternate G's you could negate the need for the air button?


It is interesting to note that like my Rochelle-2, your air button is quite loud and breathy. I had the opportunity to play a Marcus Deluxe a few days ago, and they must have bigger air holes, because it was almost silent and a lot quicker. I do wonder when it would not cost any more why manufacturers skimp on the hole size?

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Posted (edited)

Yes, it is octave G on manuscript I was using.. 

I am sure that whichever system used ( 30 or 40 button) there will still be a certain amount of negotiating on button combination to use ( even varying on individual players preference).

I have only just started to play this piece after always wanting to try it out, and so I will no doubt improve myself on its methods on concertina ( of which, of course, it was never intended for). Just made photo of start of music sheet ..showing how it is attached (inserted here.)

Will send message to discuss further.

Image will need to be viewed horizontally ( did not rotate it here!).


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