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Slumber Scene from Wand of Youth suite [Elgar].

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I was kindly asked if I had done recording of this piece; well, now I have attempted it.

It is slow, thoughtful, mysterious, and has that yearning quality [like someone slumbering or dreaming].

It is a nice challenge to play solo [ on concertina] because you have to sustain its sedate quality throughout.  Also playing it more quietly as much as possible [ in limited surroundings with no acoustic reverb whatsoever is another matter].. Use of bellows is a gradual process [like someone breathing heavily when sleeping?]



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Oh, so well done ❤️ Thank you. Almost a flute or oboe like quality. I had wondered about the grace notes near the end, as they are not too obvious in the orchestral version. I love the expression of the quiet notes.


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