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robert stewart

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They are easy to find...just search for Wheatstone or Lachenal.  Same fraudulent items as previously, with embedded "buy it now" picture that gives the game away. I see some people may have made standard bids already (?). Plus the usual list of rare instruments such as Gibson guitars etc etc. Presumably these criminals need only one fake Buy It Now hit to relieve people of money. Then they vanish for a while, and resurface at a later date.



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This particular flavor has been coming up a lot lately, usually a couple posted at the same time for the same $2.90 or $2.75 and the image that says don't bid, contact us for direct sales. I think this is at least the 4th round in the past few months. Also frequently listed as a "wheatstone lachenal" or "Jeffries Wheatstone" or similar juxtaposition with a modern maker's name.

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